Concert in the air: Sonu Nigam delights passengers in the air


Imagine you are fastening your seat belt and listening to your flight attendant’s instructions when suddenly the warm familiar voice of one of your favorite Bollywood singers, Sonu Nigam, starts airing. And no, it’s not the radio or a music system that’s playing, but it is singer himself, giving a live performance for the passengers. This may look like a farfetched dream, but for some lucky passengers, this dream came true.

As with a normal flight journey, the attendants started with the everyday announcements and directions. Passengers were tightening their seat belts and listening to the attendants when one of the flight’s star passenger’s Sonu Nigam decides to give an impromptu performance for the fellows. He took the microphone on the flight and started singing the popular melody from 2004 Veer Zara’s ‘Do pal ruka khwaabon ka kaarvan’.

Sporting a casual t-shirt and trousers, Sonu got on concert mode and also went about asking other passengers to join him. The amazed audiences absolutely enjoyed the performance and when few members joined him, he even praised them saying, “Aap bhi gaate hain. My God, saare singers hain!”

With 7,000 likes, 200 comments and 975 shares, the video of him singing in the flight went viral. The incident is similar to his guest appearance in a Marathi film where he suddenly appears in a state transport bus singing for everybody.


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