When the ‘Hot Seat’ went cold

sunny leone
sunny leone

Bhupendra Chaubey’s The Hot Seat with guest Sunny Leone gained a lot of controversy. Throughout the interview he kept asking the actressprickly questions about her past and her career. The conversation seemed to be more like an interrogation thanan interview.  However Sunny Leone remained composed throughout the show and she cut short his interrogative questions with absolute grace. Her sporting response to his judgmental and biased questions won her an extremely positive response from audience all around the country. Celebrities also poured in compliments to Sunny and criticized Bhupendra Chaubey for his unethical conduct. Aamir Khan even went on to say that he will be very happy to work with the actress.

The show gained a lot of attention and with more than 6,00,000 views on youtube the video has gone viral and is currentlyone of the most trending news on social networking sites.A veteran journalist and TV news anchor who interviewed many politicians and celebrities,Bhupendra Chaubey in his interview with Sunny Leone hasalso raised many eyebrows questioning the journalist’s mindset but can the show be scripted? The indo-Canadian actress isstarring in an upcoming adult comedy film ‘Mastizaade’ and apparently according to the online news site Quartz,the interview was also a part of the promotion of the film. Suchdemeaning interviewsare bound to screw up the image of the show and the interviewer and if the channel doesn’t sack the anchor then even the channel.This also seems like a strategy to boost the TRP ratings of the show.

However it was good to see that the society which is so fond oflip smacking entertainment stories has zero tolerance and can also be extremely critical about people with conservative mindsets like Bhupendra Chaubey.


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