educational institutes

How Educational Institutes & Students Have Reacted To The Pandemic

In the time of this global pandemic, every sector has been adversely affected, be it business or service. The education sector is...
Board Exams

The Generation That Didn’t Give Their Final Board Exams

Back when I was at school, I remember cribbing about exams and calling my friends anxiously to figure out what was going...
Teach From Home

Google Launches ‘Teach From Home’ Page To Aid Teachers and Students During Covid-19

Just like Covid-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives, is on the verge of bringing down economies of even the most...
Taali Thali Naad

Taali Thali Naad: An Act That Enveloped The Entire Nation In Patriotism

The Sunday of 22nd March was unlike all the Sundays India has ever witnessed. It was a day that reminded all Indians...

GENERATION TIMELINE: The Basic Differences Between Boomers, Millennials and GenZ

You must have heard many people using, read many articles mentioning, and seen many memes and social media posts reading words like...
Away From Home

Those Away From Home, Don’t Let The Fear Of Covid-19 Get To You

While the dark cloud of Covid-19 continues to hover over our heads, fear and anxiety too, continue to persist. This is particularly...
social distancing

How To Do Social Distancing Right? Learn From These Celebs

We humans always know how to approach the worst of catastrophe with optimistic approaches, good spirits, and pragmatic solutions and alternatives. The...

Students With Study-Abroad Plans Panic Amidst The Coronavirus Scare

It’s no news that the fear of Coronavirus has gripped the world. Countries have gone on strict lockdowns to fight this demon....
keyboard shortcuts

Lesser-Known Keyboard Shortcuts For Less Hassle At Work

Everyone today is familiar with the cut copy and paste keyboard shortcuts. These, however, are not the only ones. While the mouse...
art forms

Let Art Forms Teach You The Art Of Expressing

Humans are a storehouse of emotions that need some outlet to express them. The innumerable art forms that exist in the world...

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