The 10 Best Apps For Learning Spanish

When you decide to start learning Spanish, it is not always possible to jump on a plane and spend your time somewhere...
foreign language

10 Rules For Learning Foreign Languages

We are all different when we learn something new or out of the ordinary because it often depends on our social background...
longest flight

The Arrival Of The World’s Longest Flight Is Most Awaited

Exactly a century ago it took 28 days to reach from the UK to Australia,  during the time of the second world...
Search Engines

Search Engines Other And Better Than Google That You Must Try Out

Today, finding answers to all the questions has become easier than ever. With just one hit on the enter button, we can...
Animal cruelty

Animal Cruelty Continues To Be Pervasive And Here’s Why

India’s first animal cruelty prevention law was introduced in 1960. It stated that instances like beating, kicking and over-loading were deemed punishable...
spending money

How Much ‘Spending-Money’ Will A College Student Need When Studying Away From Home?

Planning for college expenses is generally focused on the big-ticket items like tuition, housing, and study materials, but planning for a spending...
Whatsapp Pay

Indians Can Now Receive And Send Money Through WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp is the most used application in India with around 400 million users. Its coming in the country changed the face of...
Climate activists

These Young Activists Are Fighting For A Better Future

Our world has seen the harsh impact of climate change and it may get worse if we don't do anything soon. These...
Minority Students

Indian Government Providing A Helping Hand To Its Minority Students

India is a land that is home to a blend of diverse religions. Being a democratic and secular nation its government has...
Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions: Mind Tricksters That Indeed Blow Minds

Often we have come across certain images that we perceive differently on the first look. These images are actually false perceptions known...

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