Everest base camp trek

Why The Youth Should Do Everest Base Camp Trek Once In Their Lives

I hope we are all being responsible and socially distancing ourselves. The quarantine time, away from work, where every day feels like...

Everything A Bombaiite Will Miss About Delhi After Visiting It

Being a South Mumbai girl by heart, I went to Delhi and found a piece of my heart there too, amidst the...
online trolling

Internet Trolling: It’s All About How We Respond To It

In the 21st century, the internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. The world population stands at 7.3 billion and...
Lifestyle Influencers

Top Women Lifestyle Influencers That Are Truly Worth Following

The fact that social media plays a great role in shaping how we talk, dress and carry ourselves in general, cannot be...
Guilty Netflix

Netflix’s “Guilty” Is The Movie That India Needs In The Growing Age Of Feminism

Tanu, an important female character in “Guilty” is portrayed to be a loud woman who wears revealing clothes, a starter pack for...
Pop culture

Experiencing FOMO? Here Is How You Can Keep Up With Pop Culture

It’s the age of the internet. With the ever-evolving culture, it is tough for millennials to keep up with popular or pop...
in the name of love

5 Things That Do Not Fall Under “Ishq Mai Sab Maaf Hai”

The very popular and one of the most celebrated beliefs “All is fair in love and war” have ruined the concept of...
acne management

Treat Your Acne With Friendly Acne Management Tips

Every person in the world desires, healthy, soft and glowing skin. In the age of selfies, everyone wants to look their best....
Food Bloggers

Food Bloggers That Will Get Your Taste Buds Jumping

Whether you make your life decisions right or wrong isn’t as important as making the right food decision. Food decisions must never...
Weather change

How To Stay Healthy During Sudden Weather Changes

Changing weather brings with it, a lot of excitement, memories and thrill of breaking away from the monotony of persisting weather conditions....

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