Toxic Relationship

101 Guide To Walk Out Of A Toxic Relationship

Have you ever felt lonely inspite of being with someone? Have you ever felt suffocated in a relationship with the person you...

5 Reminders For Those Who Have Started Taking Life Too Seriously

We are rushing behind materialistic goals more than ever. In this process, we have forgotten to acknowledge the real essence of life....
music playlist

Understanding One’s Personality By Their Songs’ Playlist

One’s taste in Music is believed to define their personality. You might listen to your parent’s 90s’ playlist, your cousin’s, or your...

Feeling Lethargic All Day? It’s Time To Change Your Lifestyle

Things have become a bit complicated these days, where we feel that we don’t have any work to do and on the...
stay warm in winters

Ways To Keep Yourself Naturally Warm During Winters

The official season to gulp down mugs of hot chocolate is just around the corner and we cannot wait to slide into...
flights to nowhere

Miss Traveling During Pandemic? ‘Flights To Nowhere’ Is At Your Disposal

It is no longer news that 2020 has been a terrible year for all with the coming of the pandemic which forced...
tie dye trend

The Tie Dye Trend Makes A Re-Entry Into The Fashion World

While we have been stuck at home with the ongoing pandemic, a number of people have immersed themselves in DIYs and home...
Clean Beauty

Have You Considered Switching To Clean Beauty?

Clean beauty isn’t just a modern-day luxury. It is more of a pressing need for both the plant and its constituents. These...
Moving to New York

Moving To New York Has Never Been So Easy

There is probably no more interesting and diverse city than New York. It is the largest city in the USA. More than...
Meet new people

7 Fun, No-Pressure Ways To Meet New People

If you’ve left school, started a new job, or moved away to a new town, you might feel a little lonely without...

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