mental health experts

Your Yellow Page For Mental Health Experts

In today's world, five out of every ten people irrespective of their age suffer from some or the other kind of pressure...
Climate Action Summit 2019

The Movement of Climate Action Summit: Past to Present

Today, each intellectual individual must focus on the building issue of climate change in our atmosphere and anyone, even minutely vocal about...
Minimalists lifestyle

Do You Feel Bad To Have A Minimalist Lifestyle? Then Don’t!

Do you know that some of the most wealthy and smart people in the world lead a minimalist lifestyle? Yes! You read...

Talk Your Thoughts Out Loud, They Matter

If only people would have just said this one sentence to their loved one, “What is bothering you? Talk it out”, there...
animal cruelty

Animal Cruelty: A Matter Of Grave Concern

If your animal love is only restricted to petting your own pet or feeding biscuits to stay animals or commenting ‘aweee’ on...

5 Smart Comebacks For Those Who Underestimate You

There are tons of people who will tell you ‘I am not sure if you will be able to do that’. Before...
love for pets

10 Signs That Tell You That You Prefer Pets Over People

People can be too much to handle. With all the unnecessary drama, emotional conversations, social parties, fake smiling and laughing on something...
peer pressure

Simple Ways To Tackle Peer Pressure

‘Peer Pressure’ a term we all have come across many times till now in statements like “I did what I did due...
rape with men

Rape: A Crime That Should Not Be Gender Specific

Section 375 of The Indian Penal Code defines rape as follows - “A man is said to commit “rape”...
financial budgeting and planning

Financial Budgeting And Planning For First Time Earners

Holding up your first pay cheque is a moment of pride. All your hard work and skills have finally paid off and the pay...

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