social distancing

10 Signs That Prove You Are Enjoying Social Distancing To The Fullest

Some of us are better off without talking and socializing with people, so this period of social distancing has literally acted as...
Virtual socializing

Virtual Socializing Acting As A Lifeboat In Times Of Covid-19 Lockdowns

We humans since our existence have been social beings. Moving from one place to another and connecting with each other is core...
Build In Blockchain E-conclave 2020

#InnovateWithBlockchain: Build In Blockchain e-Conclave 2020

You might have heard about Build In Blockchain e-Conclave, Blocklogy is organizing to Network, Collaborate and Introduce Blockchain & Its Multiple Use-cases...

Guests Embracing the presence in NITRIMUN 20

Every change comes through the collective effort, and every effort requires some great leaders to guide to success. NITRIMUN 2020 presents to...
Kareena Kapoor Khan on Instagram

Kareena Kapoor Khan Finally Walks Down The Instagram Ramp & We Are Already Stunned

Social media started buzzing today afternoon after Kareena Kapoor Khan made her official entry into the world of social media through Instagram....
pragyan 2020

Pragyan 2020 – Largest Techno-Managerial Festival Of South India

Pragyan is the annual international techno-managerial festival of the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, organized entirely by its students. All set to...
prayaag 2020

Prayaag 2020 The National-level Annual Corporate JBIMS Concludes

Prayaag, the National-level Annual Corporate and Inter B-school festival of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS) was held on the 23rd...
Mozez Singh Azaad Awaaz

Azaad Awaaz Mozez Ke Saath: Interview

Our film industry since the beginning has been a storehouse of talent and creativity. Talented filmmakers have given the Indian audiences, stories,...
Midnight Hunger Pangs

Stop Your Midnight Hunger Pangs From Luring You To Junk Food

Maggie has been for a long time been our bae whenever our bellies wobbled with hunger at the dead of the night....
National Science Day QUIZ

On This National Science Day, Test Your Knowledge Of Science

Indian calendars mark 28th February as its National Science Day. Do you know why? Take the quiz below to find out. 

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