10 Things Every Vegetarian Is Told By A Non-Vegetarian Friend

A vegetarian with a group of non-vegetarian friends gets a lot of weird statements. Many of them are real idiotic. If you...
Marvel Phase 4

Marvel Fans! Get Ready To Be Marvelled!

An American series of superhero films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, independently produced by Marvel Studios, is out with its fourth phase. With...
Indian Art Forms

Indian Art Forms That Require Revival

India is a home ground of many cultures and art forms. Its diverse culture is what makes it a land of multifarious...

Unique Ways To Spend Your Sunday

All week long we look forward to our Sundays. That is the day we are going to let go and sleep with...
corner in the house

Which Corner Of The House Has Your Heart?

A window beautifully dressed in blue and pink pastel coloured curtains, letting rays of bright sunlight enter in my home’s living area....
mature bag

Wacky Social Media Trends That Spurred The Internet

The “mature bag” memes have flooded the feeds of our social media pages for days now. Before this, there was the #bottlecapchallenge...
Bottle Cap Challenge

Celebs That Nailed The Bottle Cap Challenge Their Own Way

Anything that describes weird, unusual, different, and fun, starts trending on social media. Recently, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are completely high on...
Youtube stars

Singers Who Emerged To Success From YouTube

Youtube has brought to the forefront some of the most amazing talents that were hidden from us for a long time. Such...
sukriti & prakriti kakkar mafiyaan

Twin Singing Divas Release Their New Independent Original: Mafiyaan

“There is nothing more liberating for a singer than creating his/her own independent music”, says Sukriti and Prakriti Kakkar, the Bollywood twin...
bollywood supporting actors

Top 5 Bollywood Supporting Actors Who Unfailingly Steal The Screen

With Bebo on screen, can our eyes even wander anywhere else? Hell yes if a marvelous actor like Swara Bhaskar is sharing...

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