bollywood gifs

15 Most Relatable Bollywood GIFs

You must have sent numerous GIFs while texting with your friends and family. These Bollywood GIFs make perfect memes which are very...
college life and campus activities

College Life: A World That Enables You To Engage Completely

It’s the start of your college life. Before stepping in, realise that the college world is a completely different world altogether. It...
internet lingo

The New Internet Lingo Is ‘Dope’

TInternet is a crazy place to be on. Since its initiation, the way we humans have put our languages to use is...

Happy 6th to BTS: Idols From Korea

A Korean boy band which entered the world 6 years back on 13th June 2013, has reached to global heights and their dedicated fans...
indian techie in Forbes

Forbes Lists 3 Indian Techies Among America’s Richest Self-made Women

Forbes has listed three Indian women among America’s 80 richest self-made women as the “ceiling crashers” who have created new businesses and garnered fortunes.
unhealthy work habits

Workplace Habits That Are Leading To An Unhealthy Lifestyle

We spend most of our adult life working on a desk, in an office which definitely has an impact on our lifestyle....
Film Festivals

Popular Film Festivals India Is Proud Of

We all have seen how massively Indian cinema has evolved over the years. The biggest form of evolution the Indian cinema has...
Web Series

Your Favorite Upcoming Web-Series Are On The Way

They were running on a dimly lit street at midnight, behind a stranger, covered in complete black wear. Reaching a dead end, they realized...
Korean Dramas

Don’t Belong To Korean Wave? These Korean Dramas Will Surely Engulf You

The ‘Korean Wave’ has taken over the world and if you are still not affected by it, you are seriously missing out....
Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets Hogwarts

Potterheads : Relive One Of The Greatest Fights Of Hogwarts

If you are a Potterhead you already know about a lot of important events that took place on 29th May 1993. It is the...

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Decoding The Indian Flag

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