Its Time To Hustle: Skream 2020 Is Here


Skream is the annual sports festival of K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering which is ranked as the third-largest college sports festival of India.  The arena of Skream is full of opportunities, as you get to compete with the sports marvels of the country in a variety of 14 sports consisting of badminton, chess, table tennis, lawn tennis, football, rink football, basketball, cricket, box cricket, carrom, squash, throwball, and volleyball. It started six years ago, and today, Skream is one of the most awaited sports fests of the country. Over the years, Skream has witnessed participation from all over the nation. As we continue the legacy this year, this is your chance to compete with the best sportsmen of the nation. This is your time to start preparing for one of the most burgeoning sports fests of the country.

Skream is more than a mere sports festival, it is an emotion. An emotion that unites students from myriads of colleges across the country, an emotion that stays with them for eons. As we bring to you yet another edition of this glorious festival, it’s time to hustle, to build an innate hunger to achieve the impossible, for great things come to those who do. Hustle hard until you’ve created an identity for yourself and the ones you idolize have become your rivals. Come forth and showcase your prowess as an athlete and be a part of one of the largest sporting festivals in India from 4th January to 8th January 2020.

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By the K. J. Somiaya College of Engineering Students’Council.


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