interior design

Five Rules of Interior Design That Need to be kept in Mind

Interior design is part design and part performance art, demanding clear communication between the space and the occupant. Successful interior design focuses on three...

5 Affordable DIY Home Decor Ideas

Want to give your home a facelift at the fraction of the cost? This article will tell you how to do just that, with...

Model Watch – February 2014

Want to enter the glam world? Youth Inc offers you a chance to get noticed by leading production houses. Send your portfolio pictures to Disclaimer: Youth...

Education News – October 2013

FOREIGN UNIVERSITIES OFFERING SHORTER COURSES * Fearing a drastic reduction in the number of Indian students owing to the sharp decrease in the value of...


20 year-old Ankit Kashyap gets a stylish international look after Sumit Malkotia, stylist and academy trainer at B-blunt, Delhi gives him a cool makeover. 1. Ankit’s hair is first...


20 year-old Priyanka Garg gets a soft appealing look after Sumit Malkotia, stylist and academy trainer at B-blunt, Delhi gives her a marvellous vibrant...


Prachi Jhadav gets a vibrant new look after Lekha Shah, senior stylist at The Cut Collective, works her makeover magic!   1. A combination of red...


Devanshu Row came in for a makeover looking to tame his wild curls. Senior stylist Lekha Shah of The Cut Collective, steps in and snips his hairstyling woes away!

Merlyn transforms her look at the Pappion Salon

Merlyn Bothello goes glam after she gets an all-new look by Agnes Chen of Pappion Salon & Wellness

Akshay Dalal gets a cool & hip look at The Pappion Salon

Akshay Dalal gets a fresh and fun look by Agnes Chen of Pappion Salon & Wellness

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