IIM Udaipur Returns With Eighth Edition of Solaris

Image Credits: IIM Udaipur

IIM Udaipur conducted its eighth edition of Solaris, the college’s annual management fest, which the students of IIMU organized themselves. The initiation of Solaris was with the intention of not only helping students interact with industry leaders, but also for them to gain insight from their experience in the industries and their knowledge as well. This year’s theme for Solaris was ‘Alchemizing Innovations’.

The management fest was a two-day event held on the 29th and 30th of October 2022, and the first day was started by the flagship event of Solaris, The Leadership Summit, where CEOs of various successful companies like Ashok Leyland, and Madura Fashion and Lifestyle spoke to the community and helped students gain insight through their varied experiences in their field. 

Following The Leadership Summit, the next summit was Anveshan, where speakers like Sachin Pai, Nagendhran Rangarajan, and Gopalan Oppiliappan discussed various things like sustainability, blockchain, and the innovative AI techniques used in today’s modern industries.  

The day concluded with Samvadya – the Consulting Summit, which hosted Rahul Gosain, Brajesh Singh, and Rajeev Sharma who shared their knowledge and expertise with the students.

The second day of Solaris 2022 started with the Economics Summit, Antardrishti, which had speakers from companies like Razorpay, The World Bank, and Diversey, and they talked about the Indian economy and how it is well-places in terms of navigating adverse global economic headwinds.

The Operations Summit, Unmesh, was next, and the speakers of the event discussed the importance of supply chain management during difficult times, and how the industry adapted to the new normal through the optimization of its operations. This was followed by Samvaah, which is the Annual Marketing Conclave of Solaris 2022 wherein the need to analyze quantitative data with an empathetic touch in order to gain a deeper understanding of consumer needs and preferences was discussed.

The final event, Arth-Samvaad, which is the Finance Symposium of Solaris 2022, concluded the day with hosts from DCB Bank, Microsoft, and Patanjali and they discussed various capital budgeting decisions and how technology plays an important role in the same. Being CFOs of their companies, they also shed some light on the role of a CFO, with the intention of developing interest among the students in the field of finance.


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