Nobel Prize

Interesting Facts Of Nobel Prize You Didn’t Know

Immanuel Nobel was a Swedish industrialist, engineer, and inventor and was the founder of the first rubber factory in Sweden. His all...

Feminism Through The Years And Why It Is Still Needed Today

Women have been fighting for equal rights since generations and still continue to do so. The first wave of feminism started in...
Reopening of schools

Unlocking Schools In ‘Unlock 5’ Stage Of Lockdown Relaxation

With the cases of infection surging by the day, the state governments are still in two minds for reopening of schools. In...
COVID Bio-medical Waste

Mishandling Of COVID Bio-medical Waste Causing More Infection: How Can You Stop It?

The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike any other pandemic the world has ever witnessed, and no one knows for how long will it...
Caucasus Region, Nagorno-Karabakh war

Decoding Geopolitical War In Caucasus Region

On 27th September, the long frozen war between two Soviet Union descendent countries namely Armenia and Azerbaijan erupted. As a result of...
vote / democracy

Democracy Is Really All About People’s Vote

On 25th September 2020, Election commission of India announced series of precautionary measures while conducting Bihar state assembly elections in the light...
Billy Milligan

Billy Milligan’s Case: Lessons To Be Learnt From

COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented compulsions to stay indoors due to its inherent contagiousness and pervasive nature. During this arduous suffocating period, social...
Dark Web

The Dark Truth Of The Dark Web

In the month of July, Central Crime Branch (CCB) nabbed four drug peddlers, including an MBA student, and seized drugs of which...
PUBG, Chinese app ban

India Goes On A Digital Strike Against China, Bans 118 More Apps

After banning 59 Chinese apps earlier in the year, India has now banned more 118 apps, which also includes PUBG, a gaming...
Car insurance premium of old car

How To Reduce The Car Insurance Premium For Old Cars?

Most of us might have an old car that you are too sentimentally attached to and don’t want to give it away....

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