careers in healthcare

What Careers In The Healthcare Field Can You Pursue

Medical and Healthcare field has forever been in demand. As long as there are humans, the medical and healthcare field will continue...
career path

5 Rules For Staying Focused On Your Career Path

Do you have big career goals for your future, but are finding it difficult to stay on the path to success? While...

E-sports As A Culture And Career In India

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “ye wo PUBG wala hai kya?” in response to a concerned mother’s question in a conference...

Startups & Entrepreneurship Is The Way Foward For India’s Aatmanirbharta

When APJ Abdul Kalam talked about his vision of India in 2020, it showed an equal, healthy, educated country well-equipped to deal...
internship platforms

Top 5 Internship Websites For Students In India

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.” These words by famous American actress Helen Hayes seem so simple, and yet they...
career prospects amid covid-19

3 Tips To Ensure Career Prospects Amid Covid-19

The corona crisis has caused people to become petrified as well as cause many to reevaluate their career plans. Having an optimistic...
teens, friend

A Teen’s Advice To All Of Us, “Be Who You Want To Be”

‘You ask too many questions. You should be a journalist’, said my first friend.’ You’re a really good listener. And you have...
public relation and AI

Growth Of Public Relation With Implementation Of AI

We often hear people saying that AI has entered every part of our lives. This is quite true to a large extent....
Film Criticism

The Dos And Don’ts Of Film Criticism

If you also notice the different shots, cuts, sound score, editing style, storyline, and the performance of the characters in a film,...

Perks Of Freelancing In Times Of Gig Economy

The past few months definitely made us realize that everything adapts itself to the changing times. We have seen new brands coming,...

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