Careers For All Those Who Love To Stay Underwater

There is life underwater that is completely different. It is where ecstasy resides. If you believe in this and have an undying...
Career in Digital Media

Careers In Digital Media For The Young Enthusiasts

The field of digital media is vast. When we speak about digital media, it includes any form of media that is electronic...
ethical hacking

Ethical Hacking: A New Age IT Career For You

The past decade has witnessed a substantial increase in data breaches across the world over various industries. According to the annual Verizon...

LinkedIn: A Medium To Boost Your Career Prospects

Making connections and expanding your network is prime to establish a strong place in this professional and not to forget, in this...
side jobs

Best High Paying Side Jobs To Supplement Your Income

If you find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck and are struggling to manage your finances a side job apart from your...
first day at job

Easy Hacks To Ace Your First Day On The Job

The first day at a new job or an internship can be quite nerve-wracking and stressful. You might have been in this...
Soft skills

Honing Soft Skills In College: A Necessity

Soft skills also known as professional skills differ from hard skills that are more tangible and technical. These skills are more rooted...
how to be job ready

5 Ways To Become Job Ready

One of the greatest hindrances that a newly graduated student faces is that of searching for a job. The transition between being...
Careers In Artificial Intelligence

Careers In Artificial Intelligence: The ‘Next Big Thing’ For You

For those who still have doubts as to what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, simply put AI is the creation of smart machines...
career in music

Career Music Lovers Can Take Up

Are you passionate about music? Do you always find yourself humming to music? Do you get excited when you hear about the...

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