Maharashtra lockdown

Here’s What To Know About The Extended Lockdown In Maharashtra

In a measure to curtail the rise in the COVID-19 cases in the state, the Maharashtra government has extended the coronavirus lockdown...
Divyangna Trivedi

“Anti Humanitarian” Divyangna Trivedi “Viraled” Away Her Credibility

Divyangna Trivedi - “The woman against today’s feminism” created a video about what she thinks is wrong with today’s feminism. Despite the...
Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson To Stop Selling Clean And Clear Fairness Products In India

It’s not fair that the parents of little girls start fretting once the girl turns seven or eight, thinking that no man...

Eclipses: Myth, Culture And Its Impact On Us

Most of us have taken to gazing the pink, yellow, grey, and every other hue of the sky during these times of...
JK Rowling Tweet, Menstruation

“People Who Menstruate”

JK Rowling has been a universally loved and adored author but she might have upset quite a lot of her fans after...
Performative wokeness

Why Priyanka Chopra Shouldn’t Be Blamed For Performative Wokeness

Recently social media has become a hotspot for debate about how Priyanka Chopra is practicing performative wokeness. She posted “I can’t breathe”...

From Copper Wired Telephone Calls To VoIP, Communication Has Come A Long Way

Emails, video chats, text messages, messengers, smartphones, mobile phones, landlines, are all mediums of communication that have kept the world closely knit....
Coronavirus is fighting climate change

Coronavirus Is Fighting Climate Change As Human Activities Come To A Standstill

Someone has rightly said, ‘everything that exists and occurs under the sun has a good as well as a bad side to...

How Coronavirus Is The Ultimate Litmus Test For Globalisation

According to Yuval Noah Harrari, humans formed communities to fight greater fears which they had so that they could survive longer. We...
Taali Thali Naad

Taali Thali Naad: An Act That Enveloped The Entire Nation In Patriotism

The Sunday of 22nd March was unlike all the Sundays India has ever witnessed. It was a day that reminded all Indians...

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