proficiency test

Proficiency Tests Required To Study Abroad

The world has become a global village which has opened up gates for students who want to pursue higher education in a...
alternative to MBA

What Other Than MBA? Alternatives You Can Choose From

In a world where educational qualifications are given prime importance, it is crucial for all to pursue a master’s degree. It is a master’s...
Hospitality And Hotel Management

All You Need To Know About Hospitality and Hotel Management

Both the terms, Hospitality and Hotel Management revolve around taking care of the guests in a way they feel welcomed, at home...

All You Need To Know About Infographics: What, Why And How

Infographics are a visual representation of data or information intended to present data quickly and easily. They are easy to understand and...
media software

Software Every Media Student Must Know

Just having a degree in Mass media is not enough to survive in the media industry. Media is an ever-changing industry but...
study in canada

Deciding To Study In Canada: Might Be The Best Decision You Make

Did you know that the Legislative Assembly of Ontario (Canadian Province) celebrates April as the Sikh Heritage month? Canada is the second largest country consisting...
it industry

Top Courses Which Help To Upgrade Your Degree

A wise man once said, “You live, you learn and you upgrade.” A simple yet vital lesson in life is the importance of constantly...

Top 5 Orators To Look At To Learn The Art Of Oration

The world has witnessed leaders who have won the hearts of many by merely showering words on them through powerful speeches. These...
English Language Day

English: A Language That’s Yours Mine’s and Everybody’s

The father of the English language and more specifically, literature, William Shakespeare is believed to be born on the 23rd April. The...

Ways in which Space Travel Affects Astronauts in Space and on Earth

What comes to your mind when someone says – SPACE? Do you think of planets, galaxies, stars and rockets? Well, most of us think...

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