online studying

6 Benefits Of Studying Online

Amidst the pandemic, while the whole world was locked behind doors, online classes were the only way to prevent damage to the...
push yourself beyond limit

6 Simple Ways To Push Yourself Beyond Your Limits

We are taught a lot of things in school. But what we are also taught is how to live a life full...
Headphones Improve Concentration At Work

Do Headphones Improve Concentration At Work?

Music and headphones have become a modern-day necessity. Be it when you are studying for your Master's degree or are at home...
GameStop, Wall Street

GameStop, A Small Retain Chain That Left The Wall Street Trembling

The stock market is like nature, unpredictable. Here anything can happen at any moment. This has clearly been proved by the events...
Project Management

Top Project Management Techniques That Will Magnify Your Results

Project management is a complex process regardless of the industry you belong to. Having the necessary skills to identify the correct people...
Army Day

Army Day: 10 Achievements Of The Indian Army We Are All Proud Of

India has had a tumultuous history given the fact that it was ruled by the British for decades. This said there have...
Smart Term Plan

What Makes a Smart Term Plan Really Smart?

Image Source: Shutterstock As much as we want, we cannot predict what will happen to anyone in the next...
covid-19 vaccines

How India Plans To Fight Against COVID-19 Through Vaccines: EXPLAINED

On January 8, 2021, the Indian government began its second nationwide dry run of the COVID-19 vaccine. A country with a population...
Product Photography

5 Tips For Product Photography

This pandemic has brought a revolutionary change in all of our lives. Everything which was done by going out of our comfort...
Ethical hacking

Reasons You Need To Learn Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking is learnt and practised based on a set of guidelines that primarily focuses on identifying overall vulnerabilities and ways to...

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