business in coronavirus

How Has Entrepreneurship Changed In Times Of Coronavirus?

The current situation of COVID-19 has shown that there is a need for a paradigm shift in our business models. The supply...
National Youth Policy

How Much Do You Know About The Government’s National Youth Policy?

India, one of the world's densely populated country has a majority of young people marking about 41.5% of the population. In other...
education system

The Indian Education System Fails Its Students

I’ll start by stating some facts. In the year 2015, two colleges of the Delhi University had a cutoff of 100%. Maharashtra...
Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson To Stop Selling Clean And Clear Fairness Products In India

It’s not fair that the parents of little girls start fretting once the girl turns seven or eight, thinking that no man...

Journalism Post COVID – Affected or Evolved?

For the past few months, we have all been witness to the absence of our daily morning newspapers while we sip on...
Businesses during covid19

How Can Businesses Survive During COVID-19 Lockdown?

Due to the pandemic and social distancing, businesses are either closed or adopting the new normal. No matter what business you belong...

What Will Museums Post COVID-19 Look Like According To Experts?

When somebody says the word ‘museum’, what comes to mind? A somber, silent, dignified environment perhaps, inside a building full of ancient...
Tableau software

Reasons To Learn Tableau

Tableau is a famous data visualization tool in the Business Intelligence (BI) field, which is growing at a quick rate at present....
education system

Pandemic Brings About A Twist In The Indian Education System

We are a country of people who to date boast about the kind of education system we have been following from the...
think like children

5 Reasons To Think Like Children

Since childhood, society has been pushing us to grow up as soon as possible. They say to the child, “Do not behave...

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