TEDxSIUKirkee 2019 At SIMS (Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies), Pune


TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design and is a non-profit organization that was started in 1984 for the vision and mission of spreading ‘Ideas worth sharing’. SIMS (Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies), Pune, saw the 4th TEDx event being held under the brand name of TEDxSIUKirkee on 15th December 2019

A TEDx talk is an independently organized event in the format of TED talks where pre-recorded TED talks and live talks are also shared with a gathering of attendees. 

SIMS (Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies), Pune, saw the 4th TEDx event being held under the brand name of TEDxSIUKirkee on 15th December 2019 and witnesses some really great talks by amazing speakers. The theme for the event this year was ‘SURGE (Seek Uniqueness through Redefined Growth and Evolution).

The most interesting part of the theme is that it allows unlimited possibilities for new unexplored ideas. We all once in our life want to SURGE ahead and break the shackles, to become unique, something out of the ordinary, which goes on to define, who we are, redefines us & our growth, and further, it goes on to become an Evolution.

The event registration and verification started at 9:00 AM, the attendees kept coming in from that point on. Each attendee on arrival was greeted by team members who handed them their ID cards, their attendee kits and their certificate for attending the event, along with a mini brochure about the speakers as well as access details to the internet network on campus.

The speakers and their respective talks are as follows:

Manish Kumar Tyagi: Standup Comedian, retired Naval commander

He talked about the very challenges of being different, of standing out from the crowd. From being suppressed by others when you start riding to losing out on friends, all is a part and parcel of the same.

Harsh Kedia : CEO- Brand & Butter, CMO Mooch Design Studio

He talked on how to be a successful failure. He also threw light upon how society judges individuals and how being lonely is different from being alone.

Sauraj Jhingan : Alumnus of SIMS, Director of Adventure Pulse, has climbed Mt. Everest

He talked about how each individual has an Everest point in his life, which are those elusive things that are really hard to achieve. But rising in the face of all odds and then an achieving success is a beautiful feeling.

Harsh Johari : Leadership & Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer

He talked about 5 mantras to lead a successful life. He enlightened us on the fact that to lead an extraordinary life, we need to take the roads less traveled.

Yash Tiwari : Young author, mentor and motivational speaker.

He spoke about how youth is shaping our future.

Samir Kapoor : Founder and managing director active IQ – Level 3 PT(UK)

He talked about failures and why entrepreneurship is better.

Surmai Kaushik : Adventure Enthusiast, who leads CSR at Mahindra Susten

She talked about her expedition to Antarctica and how she witnessed the havoc caused by climate change first hand.

Anil Joshi : Business technocrat, Director Service Operations, BCG Omnia

He talked about how we can turn India into a 5 trillion dollar economy, about we must invest in ourselves so that give can give back to our society multifold.

Abhinay Bhasin : Director of Data Science division (South Asia), Dentsu Aegis, Recipient of Forbes 30 Under 30 Award

He talked about marketing has been used since time immemorial; right from Stone Age to the modern age.

The attendees interacted with the TEDxSIUKirkee team and gave them their feedback on the event, and penned down their thoughts on the “X” under the dome in the academic block of the campus. Many attendees also got their pictures clicked during breaks as no cameras were allowed while the event was ongoing.

All attendees at SIMS had an illuminating session and were quite happy with how the event was organized.

The event stood put from any other due to its unique content. It was a massive success due to the efforts of the team, the college administration at all levels that helped make it possible, the enthusiasm of the attendees and the great talks by the speakers. It was an event that would create a surge in the minds of all those involved in every capacity and an event that adds to the honor of SIMS. 


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