Healthy tea

Switching To “ Ek Healthy Chai Ki Pyali”

Some hot boiling water, tea leaves, sugar with some milk and ginger for flavour, the combination which is a morning need for...

This Quarantine, Get Fit By “Swadesi” Workouts

There is a wide difference between fitness and body shaping or bodybuilding. In the short run, body shaping in a gym can...
full-body workout

5 Exercises To Do At Home That Ensure A Full-body Workout

Exercising is probably one of the best and fastest ways to lose weight. But did you know that it affects not only...
Coronavirus Anxiety

6 Ways To Effectively Deal With Coronavirus Anxiety: Here Is What You Must Do

Yes, there remains no doubt that the world is currently witnessing a scary time and most of us are finding it difficult...
Weather change

How To Stay Healthy During Sudden Weather Changes

Changing weather brings with it, a lot of excitement, memories and thrill of breaking away from the monotony of persisting weather conditions....
Midnight Hunger Pangs

Stop Your Midnight Hunger Pangs From Luring You To Junk Food

Maggie has been for a long time been our bae whenever our bellies wobbled with hunger at the dead of the night....
food for every mood

It’s Not An Exaggeration When We Say There Is ‘Food For Every Mood’

Many will agree with me when I say that “Food is the best thing in life” because it really is! Food offers...

Antibiotics Not Helping? That’s Because Bacteria Have Emerged To Be Superbugs

Flowing nose, constant sneezing, cough, headache and mild chills are extremely irritating and test our temper. The most convenient and quick way...

6 ‘Don’ts’ That Will Help You Combat Overeating

Munching on chips is a delight and there is no doubt about that, but it boosts the fat intake in our body...

Practicing Wellness: An Attempt Towards Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Throughout the years, my way of incorporating wellness into my life has evolved. Practicing wellness grants me the opportunity to remain healthy...

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