Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Platforms Are In A Tugging War To Serve You The Best

On 14th July, Bharti Airtel which is India's second-largest mobile operator announced the launch of its video conferencing platform, 'Airtel BlueJeans' in...
Mac Apps

5 Important Mac Apps For College Students In 2020

Only you know how much information you have to keep during your studies. Those are not only photos, favorite songs, or videos....
Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Beats Mozilla Firefox With Slight Margin To Get Second Place

We all use our favorite browsers to surf websites. The features and extensions provided in the browser make it distinct and win...

India Is Bracing To Keep A Check On Those Planning To AirDrop Danger

The news of India having about 6 lakh unregulated, rogue drones flying in the air came as a shock to many. Without...
Amazon Event

At Its Amazon Event, Amazon Announces The Launch Of Alexa’s Coolest Gadgets

Amazon recently conducted an event on 25th September in which it launched a line of hardware devices which has left all Alexa...
Vikram Lander

Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram Lander Traced. ISRO Predicts A Hard Landing

On the 7th of September, the soft landing of Vikram lander was to take place between 1:30-2:30 am. The lander was just...
Humanoid Robot Fedor

Russia Sends A Humanoid Robot Fedor To Space

A human-sized robot named Fedor which stands for Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research was recently launched with the motive of sending it...
digital dementia

Is The Overdependence On Technology Causing Digital Dementia?

In recent years you might have witnessed a bit of a memory decline in your everyday life. Earlier we could remember phone...
agent Smith

Agent Smith: The New Mobile Malware

“Agent Smith” a new virus has hit mobile phones across the world infecting over 25 million devices to date and continues to...
Team Avishkaar Hyperloop from IIT Madras

The Future of Travel: The Hyperloop

Team Avishkaar Hyperloop from IIT Madras has qualified for the final round of the SpaceX Hyperloop competition for 2019. They are among...

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