Short Online Courses

Use This Hometime To Learn Some Skills With Short Online Courses

Live in concerts are cancelled, events canned, malls, gyms, parks, restaurants, and swimming pools shut. Schools and colleges have taken a break...
short courses

Basic Short Courses Everyone Must Take To Advance Their Career

Individuals today have started signing up for short courses to learn additional skills in their free time. Learning these additional skills help...
Summer Internships

Let This Summer Break Be All About Summer Internships

You are nearing the completion of another semester of your degree course and are soon going to move one more step closer...
English Majors

Career Options For You With A Degree In English Majors

Studying English prepares you for a wide range of professions. One of the many plus points of having English as a major...

Has Blogging As A Career Reached A Dead End? Maybe Or Maybe Not

Blogging has enabled others to raise their voice and share opinions. A few decades ago, only media personalities could share their views...
female dominated professions

Female Dominated Professions That Men Too Can Pursue

Just like many think that engineering is just for men, there are many career fields that are deemed fit only for women....
career in mental health

Navigate The Apt Career Choice In The Field Of Mental Health

The human mind runs constantly and when it derails, it leads to multiple problems that the experts are yet trying to find...
Fellowship Programs

Have You Considered Applying For A Fellowship Program?

The government seeks to utilise the potential of Indian youth through fellowship programs by employing skilled, young citizens in areas that are...
Job offer

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Accepting A Job Offer

The common saying, “Opportunities only come once, seize them” could also be wrong if you jump into it directly without evaluating your...
Bhoot Vidya

You Can Now Study ‘Bhoot Vidya’ At The Banaras Hindu University (BHU)

India is a country where you can learn and study absolutely the rarest subjects and skills. Right from Carpet Technology to Puppetry,...

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