Oppressive Environment

Ways To Cope-Up In An Oppressive Environment During Lockdown

Oppression is the reality behind thousands of superficial smiles today. Many of these people adopt different coping mechanisms to deal with this...
social hierarchy

Coronavirus Challenging the Social Hierarchy of the Society

In a country where the society is divided on the basis of the Varna system and deep-rooted gender stereotypes, Coronavirus has become...
Mystery of life

Mystery: A Joy Of Not Knowing What Life Has In Store For You

Einstein once wrote, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and...

Now Is The Perfect Time To Teach Your Family To Be A Feminist

As we all are spending our time at home, mostly without any domestic staff, it is important to think about how much...
feel empowered

10 Tips To Feel Empowered At Home This Quarantine

There are so many of us who struggle with ourselves, to define our own identity, and to feel empowered, let alone explain...
Pop culture

Experiencing FOMO? Here Is How You Can Keep Up With Pop Culture

It’s the age of the internet. With the ever-evolving culture, it is tough for millennials to keep up with popular or pop...
Food Bloggers

Food Bloggers That Will Get Your Taste Buds Jumping

Whether you make your life decisions right or wrong isn’t as important as making the right food decision. Food decisions must never...

8 Graceful Ways To Receive A Compliment To Help Escape An Awkward Situation

If “Hey, I love what you are wearing, it’s bringing a beautiful colour on you”, or “That lipstick shade makes you look...
Feeling low

Say Buh-Bye To Feeling Low Midday At Work. Try This

We all have experienced days where we just feel completely off and low. On such days, you find everything difficult, irritating and...
sustainable life

Live A Sustainable Life In An Absolute Cool Way

“I someday wish to own a villa of my own”,  “Once I start earning a good amount, I will...

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