Social media addiction

How To Get Rid Of Your Social Media Addiction

Statistics show that 3.1 billion people worldwide are social media users, of which 210 million people suffer from the internet and social media addictions....
problem solving

The Importance of Problem Solving as a skill

Problem Solving as an ability is a life skill wanted by many, as it is essential to our day-to-day lives. Whether we are at...

Lack Of Censorship Has Become Youtube’s Dark Side

There isn’t a single person alive today, who hasn’t spent hours browsing on YouTube. Let’s face it, certain YouTube channels and their ‘creators’ are...
important documents Aadhar card

5 Important Documents Every Indian Adult Must Have

If you haven't got your Aadhar card made, good luck for all the complications you are going to face ahead.  Possessing documents is very crucial...
Dust Storm

What Really Caused Dust Storms In North India?

A dust storm swept across North India, primarily through Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, killing 125 people so far, and injuring hundreds. The storm that...
self defence in school

Self Defence – The Unfortunate Need Of The Hour

We like to think that we live in a world where children are, at all times, shielded from violence and abuse, but unfortunately, that...

Cyberbullying: An Incessantly Growing Threat To Teenagers

The time that existed five years back was totally different than the time that exists today. Earlier the teenagers only had ‘offline’...
science arts and commerce

Science, Commerce or Arts? Take The Right Decision

The 10th grade results are out and most of you students are confused regarding what stream to choose between commerce, science or...

The Impact Of Terrorism On Higher Education

Innocent people attacked in the name of politics and radical ideology is the greatest tragedy of our time. In the last five years alone,...

10 Words Ending With ‘Ism’ Which Are Also Concepts You Must Know

English is a vast language and is one of the most used languages across the globe. It does not just help us...

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