Science, Commerce or Arts? Take The Right Decision

science arts and commerce
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The 10th grade results are out and most of you students are confused regarding what stream to choose between commerce, science or arts. It is important to pick the right stream as it is the first step towards building your career. A limited number of students are aware of what stream they want to select while rest of them lie clueless due to lack of guidance. There is a huge misconception amongst students and parents nowadays that if you score high marks you should opt for science. Well, that is not the way you decide your future. The myth that students with 90-95% marks should opt for science, 80-85%, commerce and anything below than that should opt for arts should be busted. You need to know your interests and have complete knowledge about the stream and the career options linked to it before you go ahead and make a decision.


The Science stream comprises of Physics, Chemistry as the core subjects and Math and Biology as optional subjects. As a science student, you can also choose optional courses from other streams such as Economics from Commerce, and Psychology from Arts. The Science stream offers many attractive career options such as engineering, medicine, software, technology and pure sciences. One of the plus points about science is that you can opt for degree courses which fall under commerce or Arts categories.


The Commerce Stream primarily includes Business Studies, Economics, and Accounts as core subjects and Mathematics or Secretarial Practice is left optional. Commerce students can choose alternate subjects from the Arts stream but not from the Science stream. Commerce with Math tends to be a popular choice among students interested to build a career in Accounting, Financing, Entrepreneurship and Investment Banking among others. Commerce offers many degree courses such as BMS, BAF, B.Com, BBI, BFM, CA, CS and many more. You can also choose a degree course which falls under Arts such as BMM after selecting commerce.


Social Science subjects such as Psychology, Sociology, History, Geography and Political Science are the core subjects of Arts Stream. Subjects that can be picked up from other streams include Mathematics, Economics and Marketing. Arts students can opt for a career in Mass Communication, Journalism, Writing, Film Making, Literature, teaching and many more. Students who choose Arts stream cannot choose degree course which falls under Science and Commerce streams for undergraduate studies in India. However, if you pick up Economics and Math, you are eligible to opt for Economics or Commerce in college.

Don’t end up picking a stream because you had no idea and your peers were entering that stream. Your life goals might be different than that of your peers. Research on all the streams, dig deep into each subject offered by the streams, find which one grabs your interests and you feel like developing your career under that subject and decide accordingly.


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