Segregation of Dry Waste & Wet Waste


In simple terms, waste segregation is the separation of wet waste and dry waste. The generation of waste is unavoidable, and the materials carried in this waste impacts human and environmental health. Naturally, waste management is something that must be carried out, and one way to do this meticulous segregation of wet and dry waste, so that dry waste can be recycled and wet waste can be composted.

When we segregate waste, there is reduction of waste that reaches landfills and occupies space. Air and water pollution rates are considerably reduced, and makes it easier to apply different processes – composting, recycling and incineration can be applied to different kinds of waste.

Waste management starts at the household level, and is not that difficult to achieve. Even a few minor changes can go a long way. Firstly, have two garbage disposal bins at home, one for dry waste and one for wet waste. Items like aluminum foils, tetra packs, glass, paper, plastics, metals, etc. fall under the dry waste category, whereas kitchen waste such as stale food, fruits and vegetables come under wet waste.

It is important to make sure that wet waste is thrown out of the house on a daily basis. Dry waste can be discarded twice or thrice a week. Ensure that plastic containers thrown in the dry waste bin are void of any food residue.

Besides taking measures at an individual level, try involving like-minded people and form a community solely dedicated to waste management in your apartment complex. Introduce two separate disposal drums on your complex ground, and explain to people the importance of this segregation. The process of waste segregation should be thoroughly explained to family and neighbours in your apartment building. Create awareness amongst the staff in the apartment building to help make the process easier.

The importance of waste segregation in the world cannot be understated. Waste Segregation is the first step in a compliant waste management plan that will help the save the environment and improve the quality of the atmosphere we live in. It really does matter which bin you put the garbage into.

If done in a proper manner, waste management not only eliminates the surrounding waste, but also will reduce the intensity of the greenhouse gases like methane, carbon monoxide which gets emitted from the wastes accumulated. The depth of the existing landfills will be also curbed, thereby cutting down whatever is toxic to the environment. The number of fossil fuels will also get reduced in this manner, leading to a cleaner and a greener environment.



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