Self-Defense: A Skill We All Must Develop For Our Safety

Image Credits: The Indian Express

Self-defence means the use of physical force to protect oneself from the attacker. It is very important as it allows you to protect yourself, build confidence, awareness and take appropriate actions in a dangerous situation. Self-defence is important for all but in a country like India where women are looked upon as weaker sex and where cases like gender violence are on rising against women, it is more important to learn self-defence.

Rape, molestation, and eve teasing, are common forms of crime against women in India. These kinds of crimes usually happen in an unknown surroundings and abandoned area. Thus it is important for people to be vigilant and alert of their surroundings.

Self-defence techniques prepare you to fight rather than freeze. Here are some basic preventive measures you must undertake in order to save yourself from disguised goons:

  1. You should note down the number of the cab when travelling alone. You can also call up someone and dictate the cab number out loud to alert and invoke fear in the mind of the cab driver. You can also share your live location with your family/friends
  • Shouting and calling out for help is always helpful. But carry a whistle with you. So in case you get trapped in a lonely area and you feel your voice won’t reach till far, you can always blow a whistle and attract attention.
  • Carry any sharp object or a pepper spray.
  • If you feel you are being followed or catch someone staring at you, call them out loudly in public and attract everyone’s attention.

Effective Technique and Skills

1. A Palm-Heel Strike That Counts

If u can’t reach the attacker, aim for the nasal bones. To use this technique, straighten your arm with your palm and bend your hand back, curl up your fingers to protect them. Hit the nose or chin upwards by using your body weight.

Image Credits: SciFighting

2. Use Your Elbow

Hitting the attacker with your elbow can be extremely painful. When someone grabs you from behind, you should point the elbow towards the ground, raise your elbow and hit the attacker.

When someone grabs you from front, raise your elbow to hit the attacker on his/her chin.

Image Credits: Xen-do Martial arts

3. Stomp The Attacker

Kick your attacker on the kneecap and then stomp on the top of their foot. Since feet are the weak spot, this could break your opponent’s foot bones making it difficult for the attacker to fight back.

Image Credits: Defend Yourself

4. Punch

If the attacker is in front of you, you can punch him/her in the face or slap him/her. You can even use your nails and knuckles to punch the attacker.

Image Credits: Pinterest

5. Front and Back Choking

In this technique, you should use one of your hands on the attacker’s throat area and push him/her hard. At the same time, try to use your other hand to free your neck from the hold. Make sure that you press hard on the attacker’s throat and push him with full force.

Image Credits: Youtube

6. Attacking the Groin Area

This is the perfect place to attack especially if it to be used on a male. Hitting this area will the attacker paralyzed and in immense pain, granting you an easy escape.

Image Credits: Twitter

Eve teasing sadly is an accepted way of life. We need to be ready for it as it can catch us at any times. We all, for this reason, must know basic techniques to protect ourselves. Mentioned above were thus, some simple and effective techniques that can help you protect yourself from such dangers.


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