Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity: Your First Step Towards Sheer Excellence

Going abroad for higher studies is an overwhelming process. Leaving your home behind and flying to a foreign land changes every single...

AARAMBH ’19 By Social Responsibility Forum Team

Anil Surendra Modi School of Commerce is the brainchild of NMIMS University. NMIMS is a prominent university strongly attributed to the education and the...

The Dilemma of Leadership

I’ve always debated on what really is the best approach to leading organisations and teams. Should you be visionary or should you be practical?...
Project Shakti

3 Pillar Global launches ‘Project Shakti’ in collaboration with Ekja Foundation

To provide underprivileged women through Israeli military self-defence training, “Krav Maga”, to combat with the rising number of crimes against women in Delhi-NCR. In the...

Young India (Become the Leader of Tomorrow)

Looking to make a difference in your community or for India as a whole? Youth Inc shows you how with the first of our multi-part series

What is International Labour Day?

Today marks International Labour day, celebrating the importance of our laborer’s in the community. Labourers form a core part of our industry, and play...
movie characters

Top Movie Characters Inspiring Today’s Students

Sometimes you see something so beautiful so that you don't want to change anything and just want to share with others. Today...

Map Your Mind Unleash Creativity, Plan Effectively

From laying out your life plans to revision notes or your list of groceries, mind maps are the 21st century way of organising information. Vibha Singh catches up with Tony Buzan, inventor of mind maps and coach on how to use your brain more effectively

Replace that Unnecessary ‘Sorry’ to Boost your Confidence

Sorry if this bothers you, but I just wanted to apologize for taking up your time with the contents of this article. I hope...
self doubt

The Woes Of Self-Doubt

Insecurities are a silent serial killer for most people who deal with them on a regular basis. Anushka Saboo talks about the negativity that they bring along and...

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