TQMP: A Boon For Queer Muslims

The Queer Muslim Project (TQMP) is a project started by Rafiul Alom Rahman, a resident of Delhi who hails from Assam. Recently, the group...

A dummy's guide to the Israel-Gaza conflict

Get down to the basics; understand the origins of the Israel-Gaza conflict and what led to the June 2014 war. 

Scientist’s Create Contact Lenses That Shoot Laser Beams!

Ever dreamt of being Superman? Well here’s your chance! Scientists at St. Andrews University in Scotland have managed to create laser beams that can...

5 lakh WiFi spots to be installed in rural areas

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has announced that the central government plans to set up 5 lakh WiFi spots in rural areas so as to...

Tata Power And PETA India Join Forces To Bring Humane Education To Students

As part of its groundbreaking corporate social responsibility initiative, Tata Power has teamed up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India...
Mithi river

A Step To Make The Environment Clean: Mithi River Undergoes Cleansing

As environment day is approaching, many Non-Profit Organizations have undertaken several initiatives to make the environment clean and preserve it for the...
self doubt

The Woes Of Self-Doubt

Insecurities are a silent serial killer for most people who deal with them on a regular basis. Anushka Saboo talks about the negativity that they bring along and...
mental fitness

How Does Mental Fitness Ensure Better Educational Focus?

Mental Health is an important aspect of overall human well being. In this fast-moving world of corporate lifestyle, academic pressure, competition, etc. one hardly...
Car insurance

Increasing Trend Of Mobile Apps & Growth Of Motor Insurance Sector

Car insurance is one of the first things that a car owner must have before their drive their car out. The Motor Vehicles Act...

The Birth of India’s 29th State

  After years of much hardship for the formation of a new state, India's 29th state – Telangana was finally born this morning. A break from the...

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