sharps disposal, biomedical waste

Why Proper Disposal Of Sharps Is Really Important?

When it comes to biomedical wastes, the hardest to dispose of will always remain the sharps. Whether the handling, dumping or cleaning,...
youth online outrage

Why Should The Rising Outrage Culture Among The Youth Come To End?

The Planning Forum and Economics Association of R. A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics had conducted its annual Intra- Collegiate Essay...
Juvenile Diabetes

Juvenile Diabetes In Developing Economies

We’ve always thought of diabetes as an illness that only affects the old. That is, however, not true. Research has shown that...
longest flight

The Arrival Of The World’s Longest Flight Is Most Awaited

Exactly a century ago it took 28 days to reach from the UK to Australia,  during the time of the second world...
Animal cruelty

Animal Cruelty Continues To Be Pervasive And Here’s Why

India’s first animal cruelty prevention law was introduced in 1960. It stated that instances like beating, kicking and over-loading were deemed punishable...
spending money

How Much ‘Spending-Money’ Will A College Student Need When Studying Away From Home?

Planning for college expenses is generally focused on the big-ticket items like tuition, housing, and study materials, but planning for a spending...
Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions: Mind Tricksters That Indeed Blow Minds

Often we have come across certain images that we perceive differently on the first look. These images are actually false perceptions known...

Extinction Of Bees Could Affect Human Survival

Bees are more than just insects who make sweet and delicious honey. With over 16,000 species of bees; they are found in...
Nobel Prize

Interesting Facts Of Nobel Prize You Didn’t Know

Immanuel Nobel was a Swedish industrialist, engineer, and inventor and was the founder of the first rubber factory in Sweden. His all...

Feminism Through The Years And Why It Is Still Needed Today

Women have been fighting for equal rights since generations and still continue to do so. The first wave of feminism started in...

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