News Flash (18th July 2020): Top 10 Stories Of The Day

Tamil Nadu
Image Credits: New Indian Express

1. Private schools in Tamil Nadu permitted to collect 75% fees for current academic year

The Madras High Court has allowed Tamil Nadu’s unaided private schools and colleges to collect 75% of the tuition fees paid in the previous academic year, for the 2020-21 academic year, in two installments. This decision comes after a petition was signed challenging a government order dated April 20 that prevented the schools and colleges of Tamil Nadu from demanding fees due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

2. India’s 1st overseas crude oil reserves to be built in the US

1st overseas crude oil reserve, Tamil Nadu
Image Credits: Deccan Herald

Dharmendra Pradhan, Petroleum Minister of India announced that the country is in advanced talks for storing crude oil in the United States’ Strategic Petroleum Reserve for the purpose of increasing India’s strategic oil stockpile. This makes it the first time that India, the world’s third-biggest oil consumer, will be creating emergency reserves abroad. In May, the petroleum minister said that India had already filled its 38 million barrels of strategic storage.

3. Trump says he wouldn’t consider making wearing of mask mandatory in US 

Donald Trump, Mask
Image Credits: Vox

US President Donald Trump recently gave out an official statement on not making the wearing of mask mandatory for curbing the spread of Coronavirus. “No, I want people to have a certain freedom, and I don’t believe in that,” he said. He made this statement, at a medical center, where he himself wore a mask in public for the first time since the start of coronavirus pandemic.

4. Scientists discover Ultra-black fish in the deep ocean that absorb 99.5% of light

ultra-black fish, tamil nadu
Image Credits: Entertainment Overdose

Altra-black fish, a rare kind of fish has been discovered by the scientists that absorbs almost all light that hits it, allowing it to effectively hide in the ocean’s darkest parts. This was discovered by a team led by scientists from the Smithsonian and Duke University. The fish was found to absorb 99.5% of all light, making it appear as “little more than silhouettes” even in direct light.

5. Kangana Ranaut says: I will return Padma Shri if my claims of Sushant’s death prove false

Kangana Ranaut, Tamil Nadu, Sushant Singh Rajput,
Image Credits: Ethical Editor

While speaking to Republic TV, actress Kangana Ranaut said she would return her Padma Shri if she fails to prove the claims she has made about actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. In videos posted on her Instagram account after Sushant’s death, Kangana had openly spoken about the pressure and rejection Sushant was facing from Bollywood and the media.

6. World’s 1st private icebreaker yacht launched. Rent stands at Rs 6 cr/week

private ice-breaker yacht,
Image Credits: Haber

‘La Datcha’, world’s first private icebreaker superyacht, built for billionaire Russian banker Oleg Tinkov that costs over Rs 6 crore/week to rent, was launched earlier this month by shipbuilder Damen. The yacht is 252-foot long and comes with two helicopters, snowmobiles, and a submarine. It has the ability to travel through 16-inches of thick ice and can be used to explore the Arctic and Antarctic waters.

7. Sunil Chhetri in a tweet calls for the nation’s attention and assistance to flood-hit Assam. 

Sunil Chhetri, Assam Flood
Image Credits: The Tribune India

Sunil Chhetri, Indian football team captain via tweet said that flood-hit Assam needs immediate attention and assistance as it battles loss of lives and displacement of people in many of its submerged districts. “There’s been considerable loss of life – both man and animal, and I can only sincerely hope that the numbers don’t rise. #AssamFloods,” his tweet read.

8. Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan’s head Noor Wali Mehsud designated as global terrorist by UN

Tehrik-e-Taliban, Noor Wali Mehsud, Global terrorist,
Image Credits: Jagran Josh

The United Nation has officially designated Noor Wali Mehsud, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan leader, as a global terrorist under the charge of financing, planning and perpetrating acts on behalf of entities linked to al-Qaeda. The 42-year-old terrorist, who became the leader of TTP in the year 2018, was added to the ISIL (Da’esh) and al-Qaeda Sanctions List and will be subjected to an assets freeze, travel ban and arms embargo.

9. Facebook Messenger expands screen sharing feature to Android and iOS

Facebook Messenger, screen share, Android, IOS
Image Credits: Tweakers

Facebook Inc has expanded the availability of its messaging app Messenger’s screen sharing feature in video calls and Messenger Rooms to Android and iOS. It’ll now allow users to share their screens with others in a group video call with up to eight people and up to 16 people in Rooms. 

10. NASA & SpaceX are targeting for Crew Dragon’s departure from ISS on August 1

SpaceX, NASA, Crew Dragon, ISS, International Space Station,
Image Credits: TechCrunch

NASA and SpaceX are targeting an August 1 departure of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Endeavour spacecraft from the space station revealed NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. He added that the splashdown of the spacecraft, carrying Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken, in the Atlantic Ocean is being planned to be conducted on August 2. However,  the actual dates will depend on the weather, he added. 


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