Top 5 Internship Websites For Students In India

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“The expert in anything was once a beginner.” These words by famous American actress Helen Hayes seem so simple, and yet they teach a valuable lesson to anyone who understands them. Success at anything requires a lot of skills, hard work, and experience. In the environment we live in today, jobs are getting more scarce day by day, and the competition at any level for anything, be it a job application, or college admission, is extremely high. There was an era when a degree was all one needed to get a good job, but with changing times, the requirements for any person to get selected have expanded. 

Students today are learning how to be smart workers, balancing their academics with improving newer skills. And internships are an amazing way to do so. Internships incredibly help a student improve. You can learn new skills in your internship, you can explore newer work environments, and internships also give you a chance to try and figure out what you like doing and what you don’t. Students gain experience, and internships also look very good on a resume to prospective employers. However, we often do get confused where to start with this process. To make hunting internships simpler, certain websites are offering a great platform to look for internships based on your preferences in location and work. This article will be covering the top 5 internship websites for students in India.

1. Internshala: 

The platform that started off as a site now caters to over 3.5 million students, and has partnered with over 80000 companies. Out of the many internship websites available on the Internet, Internshala is the most popular one. Internshala also offers skill development courses for students in various fields of interest.  Students can create their own profiles, and choose their own filters, and the algorithm shows them internships tailored to their needs. It is primarily made for students, which is why it also offers a lot of work-from-home and part time internships for students who are unable to devote huge chunks of their time to their internships from their academics. The stipends offered are listed clearly, and students have to write answers to prospective employees why they must be selected. 

2. LinkedIn: 

LinkedIn, among other internship websites, is a very famous community of professional networks which is known for providing the best jobs. It is an excellent site to network, and meet newer professionals in the sector you want to work in. This company connects working professionals on a single platform and allows them to communicate in a professional manner. On this website, you can post jobs or even apply for them. However, what most people don’t know is that this website also allows people to apply for internships.

You can form “connections” with like-minded people here. There is also an entire section of this website which is devoted to students and working professionals alike who wish to learn new and relevant skills. By linking your social media handles, you can also find people in your social circles with similar interests. LinkedIn enables users to filter their search for internships and offers thousands of options to choose from. 

3. stuMagz: 

As a student, fresher or alumni, the Opportunities wing of StuMagz is an excellent choice for you. This is a Digital Campus Discovery Platform based out of Hyderabad which was founded in 2015. You can find both tech and non-tech internships here. The site offers a great way to build your profile. The user interface is great and easy to use. With the reach of 500+ colleges, stuMagz serves as the platform for brands to reach out to a talented pool of students. 

4. Twenty19 :

With a user base of over 6 lakh students, Twenty19 brings students and companies on a single platform for projects, internships, volunteering opportunities etc. The platform shares your personal profiles with corporate companies to select to enhance the quality of interns. This portal is free of cost for the students as well as colleges. This website also organizes several college festivals and events. There is also a very relevant summer training program that is being held by this platform. Twenty19 has also started with online training programs for students to improve their skills.

5. LetsIntern: 

LetsIntern is working hard to create and improve an industry-student interactive platform. This website exposes students to some of the best internships from a number of large organizations like Tencent, the Indian Express, and Comic-Con India. The website enables employers and students to register in a similar process, which enables better communication between organizations and their interns. They also have a blog where they post tips on their blogs for better education of the students. Over 4 million students across the globe use this site, and 30000 organizations, the website is a great platform to find internships.

While these are just a few of the internship websites, there are many others that you can consider visiting like Glassdoor, Youtern,,, etc. 


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