A month of funnies


Here at Youth Inc, we consider April THE month for humour. Starting with April Fool’s Day and ending with the summer holidays, April is the right time to kick back and relax with some good japes, be it in the form of pranks or jokes. To celebrate this month of comedy, we present a collection of short writing to you, both fiction and non-fiction, by the Youth Inc team and guest writers.



An Open Letter to the Minister of Indian Railways
Trishann Henriques emulates a frustrated commuter in Mumbai.

Aparna Sundaresan crafts a tale of an unwarranted meeting between two people.

The Rice Killers
Sairam Natarajan articulates an extraordinary affinity for rice shared between him and a friend.

Saying Goodbye to Pappu Pandey
Sean Sequeira writes an obituary for a beloved albeit fictitious political figure.

Strange Encounters with a Stranger Kind
Shriram Iyengar narrates of a time he chanced upon an acquaintance he had no memory of.

The Big Fat Irritating Indian Wedding

Nirva Vira takes on the garb of a vexed cousin in a family that is about to celebrate a grand wedding.

The Bollywood Dilemma
Sangeetha Thiyagarajan attempts a positive review of the film Chennai Express.


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