With The New Cereal Challenge, TikTok Couldn’t Get More Gross

tiktok cereal challenge
Image Credits: Hindustan Times

Just when we thought that TikTok couldn’t be more crazy, here it is with another new challenge that has got youngsters spilling milk all over their face. Why this challenge is gross is because it demands you to eat from someone’s mouth. 

Reading this is making you feel disgusted? Wait till you watch the videos.

Did you ever think that the milk and cereal you eat for breakfast could become some challenge? Well, it has, and in the most disgusting manner. The so-called “Cereal Challenge” isn’t as simple as it sounds. Users are not just expected to eat cereal and milk out of a bowl but from someone’s mouth. This challenge is not just plain stupid but also can choke one to death. 

This, however, hasn’t discouraged the young in taking up this challenge and have made it go viral. Taking this TikTok challenge a little more far, some have also included their dogs in it. 

TikTok has had a series of challenges like the ‘tak tak tak’ challenge, ‘my journey’ challenge, ‘play cool challenge’ and many more. They all too have gone viral but none were as crazy as this one. We also saw headlines that read about people dying while shooting a TikTok video. Amidst these headlines, this new cereal challenge has surfaced. 

We hope this doesn’t become a trend and certainly doesn’t become bad news for us.



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