DMCE HAckathon 2020

DMCE HAckathon 2020

On the 24th of January, Datta Meghe College of Engineering will hold its inaugural Hackathon titled “DMCE HAckathon 2020”. This year’s Hackathon is a collaboration between Datta Meghe and Capgemini, one of the leading tech giants in India, Pay1 and EasyFI.

Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd. provides technology and outsourcing services. The company offers systems architecture and solution design, systems integration, enterprise application packages, development, and integration, data and content, infrastructure, systems, and network engineering, security, and software development services.

Pay1 is a tech solution platform that supports, enhances & solves problems for the unorganized retailers spread throughout India. The multiple services offered on their platform help the micro-merchants gain more profit and stabilize their business. The company aims to help the retailer community to shift from offline business transaction modes to reduce their reliance on cash, become financially inclusive and generate more income through the tech platform by earning lucrative commissions on the services provided to the end consumers

By monetizing their businesses more effectively and by providing services like micro-ATM, digital payments, insurance to the end consumers a Pay1 retailer not only can create multiple revenue opportunities but is also able to tackle various issues that are hindering the growth of these micro-businesses.

Other collaborators include Sashido, Linode, Wolfram Language, CloudSploit by Aqua, Balsamiq, Creative Tim, Bugsee,, Interview Cake,, Yourstory, Youth Incorporated, and last but not the least Google Crowdsource.

About 50 teams from various parts of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai would be participating in this event where teams would be working 30 hrs straight.

The Hackathon begins at 9 am in the seminar hall with the inauguration ceremony. The topics would be then provided after the inauguration and teams would be given about 15 to 20 minutes to discuss and select their respective topics. Each team would be assigned labs according to the domain selected by them. There will be a mentoring session for each team just to boost their morale and guide them on the right path. The teams would be judged in 2 rounds and the team with the best idea and its implementation would be declared as the winner.


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