5 reasons why Taylor Swift is the best friend anyone can have!


A friend is someone who gets you through all your bad times and stands by you through it and never fails to join you in your celebrations and good times as well. Our most loved Grammy winner, Taylor Swift, is the perfect example of a BFF for any human on this planet. Here are some reasons why: 

  1. Took Selena as her date for the Grammy’s

          And didn’t fail to steal the show with her bestie


  1. The way she makes all her friends feel special, for example : Ed Sheeran- the post she puts up for his birthday on Instagram

She gushed about what a good friend Ed is by recalling one of their good memories together


  1. The adorable nickname her Friend Lorde calls her

“Beautiful giraffe”

“When you love ur friend but she is a beautiful giraffe so she gets cropped,” Lorde captioned a photo of a cropped Tay. Meanwhile, Lorde is hanging out well within the crop.


  1. And she’s not shy of bear hugging Nicki Minaj in front of camera’s or on the red carpet

Greeting your best friend with a bear hug is just goals!

nicki minaj and taylor

  1. And lastly, she’s an absolute pro at having an eye-to-eye conversation with her friend – Example: Jennifer Lawrence

Taylor and Jeniffer Lawrence

Jennifer: Do you think I’m pulling it off well?

Taylor: Hell Yeah, Girl!

Image credits : Instagram





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