Music Collaborations We Wish to See


Pink and Mika Singh 

Pink, known for her no-holds-barred lyrics and feisty charm if put on stage with Mika Singh – the poster-boy for the present-day Punjabi-Bollywood-Bhangra phenomenon in India, would lawfully do wonders for her fans world over.

Alisha Chinai and Drake

The queen of Indian pop in the late 90s, Alisha’s sensual and soothing voice is still accomplished enough to rock the charts. On the other hand, Drake, the Canadian singer and rapper is already burning the graphs worldwide. To sum it up, Alisha featuring Drake would be an exciting musical alliance.

Ellie Goulding and Mohit Chauhan

Ellie’s elegantly tenuous voice stirred together with Mohit Chauhan’s somewhat husky-yet-stunningly melodic vocals would make for a collaboration mighty enough to give people a run for their, well, vocal chords maybe?



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