KR$NA And The Rise Of Indian Hip-Hop

Image Credits: Man's World India

Indian Hip-hop also known as Desi Hip-hop/DHH is popular among youth these days. After the mega success of the MTV Hustle series, Hip-hop artists are getting the fame and recognition they deserve. DHH currently have tons of artists with unlimited loads of talent. 

Among the mainstream, one such popular name is KR$NA. Krishna Kaul going by stage name KR$NA is known for his top-notch lyrical skills unmatched by anyone from the DHH scene. His fan even compares him with Rap Legend Eminem. 

Many artists such as King, Badshah, Raftaar, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Talha Anjum, Talhah Yunus, Rap Demon, Shubh, Divine, and Ikka have been impressed by his mad lyrical bounces. KR$NA is also popularly known as ‘Lyrical God’. KR$NA calls his fans “awaam” or his “fam” in a lovely way to return.

KR$NA witnessed the rise of the audience in DHH. His song ‘Kaisa Mera Desh’ went viral on YouTube. However, not everything went well with him. He saw his downfall and his album Sellout flopped even after being signed by a big record label. 

Nevertheless, he never left hope, he made a comeback with Vyanjan —the first alphabetic rap in India. His album ‘Still Here’ was a big hit and he had mainstream collaborations such as Badshah, Raftaar and Ikka. Karan Aujla, a popular Punjabi rapper also featured him in his track “YKWIM”.

He also has a fight or beef, as popularly known in hip-hop slang with another well-known hip-hop artist Emiway Bantai. Both released diss tracks targeting each other, which eventually KR$NA won.

Not just lyrics, he is also known for his versatility. KR$NA for instance, has his discography filled with Drill, Trap, R&B, Melody, and Emotional rap songs. His career is currently at its peak. He also recently collaborated with popular rapper-duo Young Stunners in his latest released EP “Time Will Tell”. 

KR$NA attaches importance to perseverance for his massive success. Also, the rise of the audience as listeners in DHH has benefitted artists through live shows and concerts, an artist’s main source of earnings. KR$NA has won millions of hearts and is here to stay, as is Hip-hop.


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