Games That Will Make You Nostalgic


Now we all know about the games that are recognized worldwide but there are number of games that are only played in India. We all have grown up playing such games with our friends. Let’s look at the top seven unusual games from India.

Gilli Danda:

Gilli Danda is a sport which has perhaps vanished these days. But still in many small towns and villages in India kids do enjoy this game.

How is it played?

To play this game you need to have a wooden stick and a small piece which looks like a bail of wicket and is oval shaped. The large stick is used to hit the smaller oval shaped one which is kept on stone. The player stands inside a circle and flips the smaller stick in air with the help of larger stick. Now the player who hits has to touch the point which has been pre-decided before the opponent gets the smaller stick back.


This is one of the most interesting games for kids. Marbles made from glass or clay is used in this game. This game is like the status symbol for children and whoever has the maximum number of marbles is the richest kid in the group.

How to play?

Two players need to hit the marbles which is their aim. But before that one needs to fire the marble from a stationary position of his hand into a hole. As soon as a player gets his marble into the hole gets a chance to fire the marble on opponent’s marbles. Whoever hits the maximum marbles takes away the marbles with a special white colored marble in the end.


This sport is played almost by people of every age group in India. In various cities at tea shop or any place where people are gathered they play this game. In a Bollywood movie “Munnabhai M.B.B.S.” this game was specifically shown to be played by an old aged patient.

How to play?

Here in this game you have a big carom board which has various different marks. There are two teams one is black and one is white. They both need to pot their pieces. The team who manages to get them first wins the game.


Chor-Police is the all time favorite of kids from India. Especially while playing in the buildings this sport is a must for them.

How to play?

There are two teams. One team is the gang of thieves who are running and trying to hide from the other group who is playing the role of cops. In a certain time limit if the group of cops manages to find thieves than they win or else it’s the group of thieves who have won.

Seven Stones:

This is one other traditional game from India. It is also known as Lagori, saat-pather, pittu, etc.

How to play?

There are two teams with equal players on their side. Now a pile of seven stones is kept on the ground. Toss decides who will hit the pile first. The team which attacks gets on the field and the attacking team gets three chances to hit the stones. When the attacking team hits the pile of stones there with the ball their aim is to rearrange the stones again. While the fielding team needs to hit the players with the ball below knee level to get them out. If they manage to do so they win the game and if the attacking team rearranges the stone they win the game.


Kho-Kho is a game every individual must have played in their schooldays. Maharashtra is the place which is considered to be the origin of this game.

How to play?

This game is played between two teams of 12 players in each team. Out of 12 only 9 players take the field. A match has two halves of 7 minutes. 8 players sit on the ground alternately facing in opposite direction. There are two wooden poles at each end of their line. The ninth player is the chaser. Now the attacking team sends 3 players on the field that can be judged out if they are touched by the chaser or they get out of the limited area. The teams which has the maximum points after both innings is declared winner.

Hide and Seek:

Hide and Seek is not a special game just for the kids but for their parents too in India. Whenever parents go out on a picnic this is their favorite sport with the kids.

How to play?

To play this game you need at least two people. Find a suitable place to play this game. Now the seeker counts up to a certain number and till then the other player need to find a place to hide. Once the seeker finishes the countdown he shots ‘Ready or not! Here I come.” The player who is hiding cannot switch the place because the seeker might find him. If there are more than 2 players then the player who gets caught helps the seeker to find the rest of the players.


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