Derouting from road to Dholpur House


The road to Dholpur house that is Union Public Service Commission attracts many who want to transform the system by being into it. Most of the students who are socially and politically aware want to get into the glorious civil services and start preparing for one of the toughest exams in the world from the college days itself. Cracking the civils puts you directly in the list of the most powerful people in the country. Having said that, it also has to be understood by each aspirant that it indeed is one of the toughest exams in the world and it is very difficult to be in the final list. Therefore, everyone has to have a plan B ready, at least on paper. Here we will be looking at various ‘Plan B’s that all UPSC contender can consider.

There are several other government examinations which also are competitive in nature and demand the candidates to have basic mental aptitude and general awareness. Since UPSC requires for you to know almost everything under the Sun, these examinations are comparatively easier for all who study for civil services.  One most obvious and almost equally important of those is the State Public Service Commissions. The syllabi and exam patterns are nearly the same as that of the UPSC; the only condition is that you have to be thorough in the official language of that particular state.

Another examination is Staff Selection Commission- Combined Graduate Level Examination. The selected candidates are absorbed in the class A services in various departments. There are both desk and on-field jobs which you can get into after clearing the exam.  The exam takes place in three stages- first two of Multiple Choice Question type and last stage of Interview.

Those who have the passion for the uniformed service can also try for Central Armed Police Force examination. This also is a competitive exam which if you clear, you can get posted into zonal police offices. However, for this, the candidate must fit into the physical criteria.

Another interesting and challenging option is of Intelligence Bureau Examination for Assistant Central Intelligence Officer. This competitive exam is conducted by Home Ministry and selected candidates are posted across the country including border locations into IB.

For those, who are good with economics and finances, there is an examination by Reserve Bank of India for Grade B Officers which they can opt for. The posting locations are the important cities in the country and the nature of job is desk job.

With these many options in hand, the pressure and the stress of not getting through the civils will definitely be reduced and the dream of getting into a Government job will can be fulfilled.


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