Sunday, September 26, 2021

Rutika & Nikhil go funky

Rutika Yeolekar gets a plain-to-chic makeover by Nicole Serpis of Nalini - The Salon & Nikhil at Asif - The Salon
happy space

Have You Discovered Your Happy Space In Life?

There are a few things in our life that leave us simply happy and satisfied. These things can be anything, a specific...

Pearl & Anant transform their look

Pearl gets transformed to an ultra-glam diva by Anupa Agade of placid Hairdressing and Skin & Anant by Samantha D'souza at Asif the Salon!
interior design

Five Rules of Interior Design That Need to be kept in Mind

Interior design is part design and part performance art, demanding clear communication between the space and the occupant. Successful interior design focuses on three...

Désirée Saldanha & Mazhar Khan go the funky route

Désirée Saldanha gets their funky looks at Jawed Habib by Fiza Malkani and Mazhar Khan at Asif -The Salon by Catherine Awungshi

Akshay Dalal gets a cool & hip look at The Pappion Salon

Akshay Dalal gets a fresh and fun look by Agnes Chen of Pappion Salon & Wellness


  A student gets a funky makeover by hairstylist Sushil Charles and makeup artist Sarika Motiani of Smashh Salon NAOMI MCCOO “I love my new look! It’s much easier to wear,...

Payal Sampat lover her highlights

Two students are given a tame to zesty transformation by hair stylist Samantha D'sourza with makeup artists Sana Khan and Sharmin Kuka at Asif - The Salon
Furniture on rent

Studying/Working In A New City? Renting Furniture IS The Best Way To Feel At...

A dream college/job in a new city compels you to leave your home back. Sure you miss your loved ones, but there...

Nilparna & Edgar get their glam looks

Two students are given an edgy, yet funky look by hairstylists Santosh Gahatraj and Valan Fernando at Juice Salon