Désirée Saldanha & Mazhar Khan go the funky route


( HAIR )

•Cut the length of Désirée’s hair by three inches and trimmed all her split ends
•Gave her a multi-layered cut to frame her face
•Magenta red and golden browns were used to highlight her hair
•Blow dried her hair into soft curls; gave her a side parting
•Applied serum for extra shine


• Used Kryolan base to even out Désirée’s skin; finished with Kryolan fixing powder
• Applied peach blush to her cheekbones
• Used a light pink eye shadow nd applied mascara, kajal and eyebrow pencil to define her eyes
• Applied pink lip gloss to complement her look


Mazhar Khan gets a whole new look courtesy Catherine Awungshi of ASIF – The Salon and GATSBY

“As an intern, you always need to be well groomed. I’m so happy with my new hair style! I just love the way it has been given an Emo feel. This look is so funky yet understated!”

( HAIR )
• Mazhar’s hair was washed and blow dried to have better control on the shape and style of his hair
• Styled with Gatsby Tough & Shine Hair Styling Wax to achieve the perfect flow and hold on spikes for an Emo style

CATHERINE AWUNGSHI Top stylist, Asif – The Salon “The Emo look is a rage in European countries. Styling your hair can be a task but the Tough & Shine variant makes it easy. Any type of hair with bangs in front and spikes can help you achieve the emo look.


Volume 1 Issue 9


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