Studying/Working In A New City? Renting Furniture IS The Best Way To Feel At Home

Furniture on rent
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A dream college/job in a new city compels you to leave your home back. Sure you miss your loved ones, but there are so many other things too that we are sure you miss. The cushion without which you cannot fall asleep, a cupboard that holds your favorite quotes and memories, the only study table where you study with complete concentration, a couch that enhances your movie-watching experience, a cabinet where you store your most loved and favorite books, and so many more things that complete your homes. Leaving all this behind for a career can be heart sinking. Nevertheless, when the time of making the ‘big shift’ for career purpose arrives,  adapting to new surroundings is the only option you are left with. At such times, to feel at home in a rented flat, renting furniture is the best solution. 

If you didn’t know already, renting furniture is the best way to decorate a house/apartment you intend to build a home in, temporarily. More and more young outstation individuals are using this facility of renting furniture because let’s agree, no one likes to return to an empty house. 

Furniture on rent
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Besides, not all rented houses come completely furnished, and those that do, are most likely to exhaust all the finance you carry from home even before you settle in. Buying furniture too is an expensive affair. Moreover, you cannot compromise on furniture, especially if you are going to be occupying a living space for more than 6 months. If you do, you won’t feel at home. Now that doesn’t sound good at all.  

Renting furniture is the best options for students and young professionals who stay away from their homes. The founder of City Furnis,h Neerav Jain, India’s fastest growing furniture rental platform says that the products and services they offer are designed especially keeping in mind the needs and preferences of the younger generation.

Neerav Jain, Founder Of City Furnish

 He adds “CityFurnish provides a choice of opting for single products like bed or study table to make it more affordable for students and youngsters. We also have essential packages that include basic furniture products like a bed, study table, a mattress and an office chair starting from a minimum range of INR 929 which goes up to 3000 and above depending on one’s requirement.”

With these affordable prices, why would you not avail this facility? Affordability is not the only benefit that comes with renting furniture, you can also get your hands on some really cool, stylish and trendy furniture, swap the rented furniture with other products, receive free delivery and maintenance services of the products from time to time. These are benefits you are all the more sure to receive if you rent furniture from City Furnish. In addition to this, to have a smooth renting procedure, City Furnish ensures the inclusion of minimal documentation and hassle-free paperwork. 

furniture on rent
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The young founder, Neerav Jain, underlines a few important tips the outstation youngsters must keep in mind while renting furniture. He suggests that you must keep in mind the approximate period of your stay in the city and accordingly choose the period of renting a product. These individuals must also rent only those products which are best useful to them like a single bed, a study table/study set, chair, and wardrobe/storage essentials.  He also states that furniture that consumes less space is the best for paying guests. 

When you rent furniture, you give yourself a chance to decorate the space in ways you like best. This way, you not only rent furniture but build a home for yourself. Since you decorate it yourself, you start feeling at home in this new house. Besides, you also begin to lead a life of a minimalist in a big way, using only that which you really require.  

Once you finish decorating your ‘home’, you will feel less lonely. You will no longer dread at the thought of returning back to your apartment after a tiring day because now you will find yourself referring to this rented flat as your home. A home where you can stretch out all the day’s exhaustion on that beautiful and cozy and comfortable bed! 


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