5 Affordable DIY Home Decor Ideas

Want to give your home a facelift at the fraction of the cost? This article will tell you how to do just that, with...

Nilparna & Edgar get their glam looks

Two students are given an edgy, yet funky look by hairstylists Santosh Gahatraj and Valan Fernando at Juice Salon

Shilpi goes from drab to fab

Shilpi Dey gets a makeover from Valley Rodrigues and Kinjal Doshi at Raih Salon, Mumbai
decluter your room

Make Your Mom Happy, Declutter Your Room

Our rooms can be our personal heaven, a place of relaxation and where usually our struggle stories begin as we dream and...
Maya Angelou

15 Insanely Inspiring Quotes By Maya Angelou To Keep You Going

Maya Angelou is an American poet and author who is well known for her works which include ‘I Know Why the Caged...
happy space

Have You Discovered Your Happy Space In Life?

There are a few things in our life that leave us simply happy and satisfied. These things can be anything, a specific...


  A student gets a funky makeover by hairstylist Sushil Charles and makeup artist Sarika Motiani of Smashh Salon NAOMI MCCOO “I love my new look! It’s much easier to wear,...

Payal Sampat lover her highlights

Two students are given a tame to zesty transformation by hair stylist Samantha D'sourza with makeup artists Sana Khan and Sharmin Kuka at Asif - The Salon


Prachi Jhadav gets a vibrant new look after Lekha Shah, senior stylist at The Cut Collective, works her makeover magic!   1. A combination of red...

Désirée Saldanha & Mazhar Khan go the funky route

Désirée Saldanha gets their funky looks at Jawed Habib by Fiza Malkani and Mazhar Khan at Asif -The Salon by Catherine Awungshi

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