Rutika & Nikhil go funky


“At first, my hair was so simple. Now, it’s really funky and goes with my bubbly character. Th is is what my friends are saying! I love it!”

• Chopped off a bit of the length of Rutika’s hair
• Cut her hair in diff erent layers to exude a voluminous look
• Gave Rutika a side fringe, making her face cut and features stand out
• Used magenta red panels to highlight her hair along with her fringe for an edgy look
• Blow dried and ironed her hair

• Used a light foundation to cover up a few blemishes
• Gave her eyes a smoky look
• Used a pink lipgloss

Nikhil Changlani gets a cutting-edge look by Catherine Awungshi of ASIF – Th e Salon and GATSBY

“Having a bad hair day was common. Th is is like a new me with classy spikes and a complete makeover from my old temple/mohawk style. ”

( HAIR )
• Trimmed and washed to soft en the hair.
• Styled with Gatsby Super Hard Water Gloss – for a stunning spiky look.
• Application of Gatsby Hair Spray to complete the lift on the front section.

• Used compact powder to cover up the dark circles

CATHERINE AWUNGSHI Top stylist, Asif – Th e Salon
“A Mohawk never goes out of fashion, but having a spiky style gives you an edge above the regular fashionistas. Th e Super Hard Water Gloss variant from GATSBY is perfect for the evening party look.”

Volume 1 Issue 8


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