Akshay Dalal gets a cool & hip look at The Pappion Salon


This 16-year-old student from Mumbai wanted a new look and that is exactly what he got at the Youth Inc makeover! He came in with a haircut that made his face appear rounder and left with a sleek summer look!

1.Akshay’s hair was trimmed by a few inches and then buzzed at the nape of his neck. The back of his hair was also shaped, lending a minimal look.

2. Agnes frosted the tips of Akshay’s hair using coffee brown highlights only on the crown area of his head. Agnes was keen on giving Akshay a fresh and trendy look for the summer.

3. Akshay’s hair stood out on both sides of his face. This made his face appear rounder. The new cut and colour took care of that!

4. Agnes used pomade to style Akshay’s hair, giving him a fresh, casual and breezy appearance. His facial features looked more defined.

“I never thought I would ever highlight my hair, but Youth Inc gave me a chance and the confidence to experiment. The new look is so cool and totally hip, perfect for the holidays. I love it!”

“Akshay, like most students, didn’t really pay too much attention to his hair. After the makeover, the new haircut, colour and styling made his face appear structured, a look that is highly desirable by most men today! Besides, this was the first time he experimented with colour! The outcome is great; it’s a total transformation, perfect for the summer months ahead!”

Volume 1 Issue 11


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