Have You Discovered Your Happy Space In Life?

happy space
Image Credits: The Statesman

There are a few things in our life that leave us simply happy and satisfied. These things can be anything, a specific corner in the house, your favourite food, a movie, a place or even a person. Everyone has a happy space in their life. Some know it some don’t. 

To elaborate on what a ‘happy space’ is, it is a place, a location where a person feels most alive and doesn’t need his or her smartphone to scroll through social media or enjoy any sort of virtual pleasures. Just stepping into that very space and spending some time over there feeds our soul with positivity and calm that we require in this stressful lifestyle. 

This happy space can also be referred to our home since it makes us feel at home; a place where we find the utmost comfort. Just like we retire to our homes after surviving through a stressful day at work/college only to rest and gather the energy to face the everyday challenges all over again, our happy space has the same effect that our home does.

Finding your spot of peace is not simple. Some people are not aware of it even in their 50’s and hence find it difficult to pull themselves out of a difficult situation. One should always have their doors open to exploring new places or activities that keep them calm, happy and positive. For some a happy space can be their daily dose of workout at the gym, for others, it can be their favourite resort in an isolated hill station, for some just spending an hour with kids in a nearby NGO. 

happy space
Image Credits: On The Luce Travel

Solo trips and tours are the best when it comes to the discovery of one’s happy place. Sure, at most times, going to far off places is not possible due to financial or time restrictions, but you can still go to places that are around your city, for a short period of time. Taking some time off the routine and mundane lifestyle, a short vacation puts the mind at peace. If you derive happiness from this, then you have surely discovered a happy space in your life. 

Think about the thing that makes you feel rested or revitalized. Is it lying down on your comfy pillow or being surrounded by the people you love? Is it dancing to the beats of your favourite songs or singing the retro melodies with your buddies? After identifying the activity or a couple of activities, try connecting to the places where you can find those, and sooner or later you will be having that one site, that one spot that makes you truly happy. 


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