Attitude – Savage, And Heart – As Pure As Gold, The Cancers Are Finally Here!!


The Cancers are here to stay, at least till the 22nd of July. So, here are a few traits of this amazingly adorable zodiac.

Cancers are great lovers and caring as friends. They will always put others needs before theirs and will do anything and everything possible to help out their friends and loved ones. A true friend and an amazing companion is what you find in a Cancerian.

They are dependent as hell and emotional as well. Cancers tend to be extremely sensitive. They are understanding and will sense emotions of people surrounding them. They can basically read people’s minds. It is one of their hidden talents.

Although very emotional, A cancer will never express how he/she is feeling. They might seem happy but no one really knows the depth of their sorrow and pain. At the same time, a cancer hates being called an emotional fool as they think of it as a weakness.

Since they cannot express themselves well by speaking, they can express themselves by writing. Thus, Cancers can make outstanding writers.

Cancers expect a lot from others. Due to these high expectations, they are often left disappointed.

Cancers are also very moody. They can be a breath of fresh air, or get on your nerves. They really get affected by their own mood swings. It can be very difficult to understand them sometimes.

A cancerian is an extremist. Nothing is in-between for them, its all or nothing for them. Cancers can also be unforgiving when someone breaks their trust. Once you lose trust of this zodiac sign, do not expect them to look at you the same way again. You do the wrong thing and they can hate you for life. Cancers hold grudges very well when they want to.

They do believe in equality. Thus, the will behave in same manner the other person treats them. For instance, treat a Cancer well and they will treat you the same way, simple.

Cancers love to cook and eat. If they have prepared a full meal for you, it is out of compassion.

The Crab is known to be very loyal, unpredictable, sympathetic, and sensitive. These lovely people make amazing life partners. The signs they are most compatible with are Scorpios, Virgos, Taurus, and Pisces.


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