First Day of Period Leave


Well, as all of us know, the first day of period is the worst nightmare for all women. The painful cramps, headaches and the one thing everyone complains about – the numerous mood swings. It is nothing but a miracle if survived. Women often hear things such as – ‘PMSing is just in your head!’, ‘Deal with all the pain.’, ‘Stop thinking about it!’ etc. For those who say all of this, ‘Your talking is causing all the pain in my head so kindly Get Lost!’

A woman faces a lot of pain and discomfort on her first day which is impossible to deal with. Being a 21st century girl, I personally believe every girl has the right to take a leave on her first day of period. Recognizing the problems faced by women, Culture Machine Media Pvt Lt. has initiated a new policy from July 2017 onwards. The policy is known as ‘First Day of Period Leave’. As the name suggests, according to this policy, women can take a leave on their first day of period.

Ruchir Joshi, the head of content said, “Lot of times, I find men complaining about the fact that ‘Oh, but she gets her period and gets a day off…or gets to sit idle and not do any work.’ But, the realization the we have to have is that we don’t understand that pain and we don’t go through it and if we were to have probably that kind of discomfort we would possibly not be coming to office or not be doing work at that point of time.”

Venkat Prasad, the co-founder, COO/CTO, said,” We wanted to make sure that our colleagues feel appreciated. And also in a society like India, where ground reality of women empowerment of women is still a talk and we wanted to walk the talk.”

This policy should be followed by other companies as well as it is time we address that women menstruate and it is okay to take a day off to get through the discomfort.

To support the cause and get your office to introduce this policy, sign the petition on this link:

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