Yet another reservation scandal…

Hardik Patel demands reservations for Patels; Ahmedabad under curfew. Picture Credits: arabia365

As news headlines such as ‘Three police stations set ablaze in Ahmedabad’, ‘City under curfew’ made all the news apps on our phones buzz with a newfound fervour, yet again the nation wanted to know, what new violent communal drama was playing with innocent lives. In the canteen of oh so many colleges of India, a general candidate finished reading the news on his handed-down MotoG and looked up to see his reserved bud, reading the news with a sense of boredom on his iPhone and this made the former wonder why wasn’t he invited to the funeral for logic in this country.

With a government consisting of people living in fear of losing their vote bank if they dared to change the reservation based on caste to reservation based on economic status or to maybe even no reservation at all, yet another logically challenged young fellow has risen in Gujarat demanding reservation for Patels, who are considered socially and politically above other castes. But since there is no scientific evidence to that, like the rest of the caste system hierarchy, Hardik Patel demands that Patels should be included in the list of OBCs and given benefits of the reservation policy. With his well scripted lines and a seemingly natural knack for drama, Patel has managed to garner support of obviously the members of the Patel community with a little bit too much free time on their hands and also the anti-Modi squad like the Surat unit of Aam Aadmi Party and is now trending for all the wrong reasons and might even be a potential BigBoss contestant.

This string of demands, for enlarging the very outdated and hence unfair caste based reservation system, started with the Jat protests followed by the Gujjar action on the railway tracks but the reason Patel has managed to create such an unnecessary uproar is because he is playing in Modi’s home ground. But maybe it isn’t unnecessary and if the government is anything like a regular Indian mom, they will finally get pissed off and say “Nobody gets ice cream!”


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