Solo artists bigger than their bands


They might have started out as part of bands, but their solo careers was what made them popular. Here’s a list of artists to said to their bands, ‘I don’t need you, I’m better off alone’. Hypothetically, of course.


Band– The Police

Solo hits– Desert Rose, Englishman in New York, Fields of Gold

In what can be called one of the messiest rock band breakups, Gordon ‘Sting’ Summers split from The Police just as the band was topping charts and becoming popular globally. The reason, Sting’s annoying, bossy attitude towards his band-mates. While The Police’s fame died a natural death, Sting’s only rose.


Band-Destiny’s Child

Solo hits- If I were Boy, Halo, Diva, Flawless 

Destiny’s Child was one of the most popular bands in the 90s and early 2000s. Over what looked like an amicable disbanding, the girl group staring Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams and Beyoncé Knowles split for want of solo careers. While each launched their solo career, Beyoncé’s is undoubtedly the most colourful.  Shine on, Queen-B!

Michael Jackson

Band – Jackson 5

Solo hits- Thriller, Man in the Mirror, Billie Jean

Praised from the start for his musical and rhythmic depth, MJ started his solo career in the 1970s. The major reason why the incredibly popular child band parted ways was because its star- Michael wanted to make his musical journey an individual one. His journey began with the release of the album that stills holds the world record for most copies sold in history, 110 million you guys!

Justin Timberlake

Band- ‘N Sync

Solo hits- Cry me a River, What Goes Around Comes Around, Mirrors

Ah! The man that became famous in spite of the ‘boy-band’ stigma. You can love him or hate him, but there’s no escaping this multi-talented guy. He’s found his way to commercial fame, fitting collaborations, and even acting. Way to go, JT!

Stevie Nicks

Band-Fleetwood Mac

Solo hits- Edge of Seventeen, Talk to me, Leather and Lace

With eight Grammy nominations, dubbed as one of ‘100 greatest singers of all time’ and ‘The Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll’, Stevie Nicks is nothing short of a legend. A career spanning four decades, millions of copies sold and a name associated with greatness, thank god she ventured solo.

Ozzy Osbourne

Band- Black Sabbath

Solo hits- Mama, I’m coming Home, Let Me Hear You Scream, Paranoid

After being fired from the band for substance abuse (ha!) his wife, Sharon, took him under her reigns as manager. From then on he released eleven albums, all of which grossed millions, his music shining from his very first solo album release Blizzard of Ozz.


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