World’s Oldest Degree Holders

oldest degree holders

Having a degree has now become a crucial part of our lives, and it seems as though you cannot survive without one. However, it certainly isn’t easy to obtain one, and even after completion, it is a long process till you finally get your degree in hand. But do you know there are people who are ready to face this hurdle while being as old a 90? They would have to have had sheer perseverance and determination to go through something even the youth struggle to cope with, and even sometimes give up on.

Let’s take a look at some of such determined octogenarians and nonagenarians.

Kiyoko Ozeki, 88

kiyoko ozeki

Kiyoko Ozeki is the oldest person in Japan to have gotten a degree. She got her doctoral degree on March 24, 2018, at Ritsumeikan University for her 30-year study of clothing, believed to be the oldest in Japan. Strangely enough, this degree is considered to be a doctoral degree in literature as the term literature isn’t limited to just written works in Japan.

Bertie Gladwin, 91

bertie gladwin

Bertie Gladwin seemed to be least interested in education after he left school when he was only 14. However, he made up for that by completing his Masters Degree in military intelligence at the University of Buckingham in 2012. The nonagenarian, who worked with the British secret service did not stay home to accomplish this task and went to classrooms along with his 20-year-old counterparts.

Allen Stewart, 97

allen stewart

Allen Stewart has four degrees under his belt and the latest one is his degree in clinical sciences from Southern Cross University in Australia, which he got at the age of 97 in 2012. He beat his own record as he has acquired a degree in law when he was 91 and had entered the Guinness Book of World Record in 2006 for the same.

Nola Ochs, 95

nola ochs

Nola Ochs took the world by surprise in 2007 when she got her degree in History from the Fort Hays State University in Kansas, USA, at 95 years-old. Not only did Ochs achieve this feat at a time when online material and research was barely growing, but she also completed her degree alongside her 21-year-old granddaughter Alexandra Ochs.

Wally Taibleson, 90

wally taibleson

Wally Taibleson from California State University was cheered by his fellow classmates as he completed his third Masters degree at the age of 90 from the university. He was the oldest student to get a degree from the university. His son Jim Taibleson was inspired by his father’s hard work and determination.

Doreetha Daniels, 99

doreetha daniels

Doreetha Daniels made news in 2015 as she got a degree in social sciences from the College of Canyons in USA, at the age of 99. Moreover, she faced a lot of difficulties including having to fight strokes to get to this milestone. She had numerous sight and hearing issues and even had her driver’s license revoked while doing her degree. Certainly, a lesson for young students who have it easier than Daniels!

Bob Barger, 96

bob barger

Bob Barger’s case is a rather tricky one as he didn’t do his degree in his old-age but received it 68 years after he had taken his last class. Barger had attended enough classes to get a degree in the 1940s but was denied one then because of World War II. He managed to join classes after the war, but couldn’t quite complete his degree until very recently in May 2018.


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