Last-Minute Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas

Photo Collage

The weekend is looming and so is Raksha Bandhan! If you haven’t figured out what to woo your sister with, chances are you’re probably panicking by now. Worry not, we’ve got you covered. Here are some last minute hassle-free gifting options to show your sister how truly special she is to you –

Goodie Hamper

Gift Hamper

When you can’t decide which of your sister’s ‘favourites list’ or ‘must buy list’ to choose from, why not throw all into a pretty little hamper. This hamper can have as many items as you like, in whatever category you wish too. If your sister is a chocolate freak, gift her a hamper full of her favourite chocolates that could last her a while. If she’s a beauty and makeup junkie, curate some of her must-have (or even your own choice) makeup or body care products.

Gift Cards

Gift card

If you’re reading this it obviously means you don’t have time for hour-long scouring of malls and shops looking to buy something for your sister. Instead, go to the store and buy her a gift card, which she can use at a later date. This can be gift cards for her favourite clothing brand, watches, jewellery, or even food.

Get Bakin’


Nothing will show your sister how special she is to you rather than making something with your own two hands. And what better way to do this than to bake a cake, because let’s face it, there’s always time for cake! There are millions of easy-to-follow recipes online with video tutorials as well, so you don’t need to sign up for a special class. If she’s not much of a sweet tooth, you can also swap baking a cake to cook one her favourite dishes and make her an entire meal.

Photo Collage

Photo Collage

The fact that you’ve grown up together will obviously leave you with hundreds of photographs at various points in your life. Assemble them all together in the form of a collage which you can then put into a tidy frame. If you don’t have the time to gather years’ worth of photographs, you can also grab a few of your favourite memories together, and attach them at different points on a fairy light string with the help of paper clips. She will surely appreciate a Pinterest-y vibe to her room.



There’s nothing like a good set of stationery to keep your hustling! A number of online and offline stores have a lot of exciting and attractive stationery (diaries, journals, pens, pencils, notepads, desk knick-knacks, etc.) for you to choose from, and at surprisingly affordable rates. Whether your sister is a college student or a working professional, stationery is for all! You can even avail of themed stationery around TV shows, movies, cartoons, etc., so if your sister has a particular TV show that she loves, it will certainly make your search easier.


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