Optimize Results With A Proper Warm-Up and Cool-Down


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It is important to have sufficient warm-up. Warm-ups serve to prevent injury, drastically improve the performance of the workout, and to get the mind ready to do an outstanding job.

Once you put on your workout clothes, you are stepping into a new world, a world of breaking records and becoming more. You must prepare the body for the victory you are about to have. Think of yourself as an athlete stepping into the arena getting ready for SHOWTIME. The Superfitt program includes general warm-ups, dynamic warm-ups, and specific warm-ups.

The program will start with a general warm-up to increase the body’s temperature, increase overall blood flow, and wake up the nervous system and cardiovascular system.

Then the Superfitt program will include dynamic movements and mix in specific movements for the muscles involved in the upcoming session.

The dynamic movements are designed to teach the muscles to move through a full range of motion and remain stable at all times. Your dynamic warm-up will consist of lunges, twists, and/or presses with a variety of equipment. Lunges are great for increasing flexibility to overcome tight hip flexors. The lunge forces the hip flexors to stretch and then contract quickly. The twists will wake up the core and get it ready to support you throughout the workout. The presses will ignite the upper body so that it knows it’s time to get busy. We also add in low-level hops and bouncing movements to heighten the nervous system and get the legs ready to perform.

In addition, to the many physical benefits of a good warm-up, it will also help get the mind focused and in the proper mental state to give optimal performance.

Cool Down

A cool-down provides the body with a valuable transition from exercise back to a state of rest. Flexibility is also an essential part of the cool-down to bring muscles back to their original resting length after a workout.

A proper cool-down can be 3-5 minutes of moderate cardiovascular exercise and 3 or more corrective stretches to bring the muscle’s back to their appropriate lengths.

An example of a good warm-up for a full-body workout could be:

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  • 5-10 minutes of walking, jogging, or any type of cardio machine
  • Overhead Press 10 Reps
  • Forward and Back Hops 20 Reps
  • Static Lunge 10 Reps
  • Butt Kicks 20 Reps
  • Elevated Pushup 10 Reps
  • A-Skips 20 Reps
  • Bent Over Dumbbell Row 10 Reps
  • Or Band Rows 10 Reps
  • Jumping Jacks 20 Reps
  • Total Body Reach 10 Reps

An example of a nice cool-down could be:

  • 5-minute walk 
  • Hip Flexor Stretch
  • Wall Pectoral Stretch
  • Squat Lat Stretch
  • 2-3 sets of 20-30 seconds each


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