Editor’s Note – July 2015


How many of us actually think of the future of our next generations? About our planet, eco-system, flora and fauna? Not many I’d say. We go on about with our personal lives, eating drinking and being merry, but not a second do we spare about the impact caused by our activities. It has never been highlighted or taught to us that we need to think about our actions. While attending the International Advertising Associations Olive Green Awards, I started wondering what, as a society and even a nation, are we all doing for our mother earth. Here you have the entire advertising world which has made an effort at creating awareness through various advertising campaigns. But on a personal level, how are we going to make that difference?

So sitting in our office with the JEB interns, we were going over the topics for our Anniversary cover story and they all loved this idea of Going Green. The common consensus was that even if people talk about it, no one is doing much about it as we may not even know where to start.  They were all eager to explore and find out more about this theme. Some of us in life are totally clueless about the deep impact of deforestation leading to global warming. The animal and birds are being forced out of their habitats or being poached for our unsatisfied greed, which is endangering many species. Plastic, in my opinion, is the worst enemy of humankind, as every kind of plastic has come with its share of problems. Right from being a carcinogen to being dumped in a landfill, its non biodegradable composition makes its way to cattle fodder and causes severe issues to the digestive tracks of the poor animals. If not stopped now, then we are just accelerating ourselves to near extinction or destruction very soon.

Some of us may not be aware as to how we can contribute towards a greener future, and hence, our JEB members bring you articles speaking about things we can do individually; in-depth interviews with young and independent individuals taking up the initiative to build a sustainable earth and also talk about several companies who strongly believe in their corporate social responsibility towards the environment.

Let’s join hands and pledge to do our bit for the environment so that we can work towards a sustainable and brighter future for generations to come.


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